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I'm all lost in a supermarket, I can no longer

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I have the data I want to put onto cards (mostly text) and I need to figure out how to make a word-processing program (or ANY program) "lock" into a grid of the size I need the cards to be.

The way word processors work is that you can create a grid, but the panels expand with the text. I don't want the panels (cards) to change size, I want the FONT to shrink to fit the card size as I enter in the data.

I also need to figure out how to put a pattern on the back that will make the cards anonymous....something abstract that my crummy printer (Hewlitt Packard PSC 1410) will handle.

I've got Microsoft Word 2000, and Open Office Writer.

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you could use a text box but

you could use a text box but it will resize to fit the font. Can you get access to publisher?

Willi B
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Word Art

I hate to say it, but that's my solution... I can manipulate like an image, so it makes me much happier.

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... shop happily. I came in here for the special offer:

Take the longest text and use it to find a font and font size small enough to make the text fit nicely in the grid panels.

Then use that size on all the panels and enter all the text. There should be no resizing (apps make the text boxes larger if the text is too long, but the boxes remain the original size if the text is short).

Or check nanDeck. I think it can do what you want automatically.

And keep listening to The Clash. ;)

End of Time Games
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seo wrote:\ And keep

seo wrote:

And keep listening to The Clash. ;)

yah baby!

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End of Time Games wrote:
seo wrote:

And keep listening to The Clash. ;)

yah baby!


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