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Indented Dice

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Have been away for a while, due to work.

I am in need for some proper custom dice for my game. The ones that I am using look like "crap" by now. Sticker falling off etc. And since it is pasted on original dice. I rather get my hands on new dice. Without wasting my stack of normal dice.

And of course, the search for that one program failed miserable too.

I have been looking for empty dented dice. On the internet. But most, if not all, websites are over seas. As odd as it may sound, is there a shop in the Netherlands or Belgium/Germany? So that I wont loose a lot of money on "shipping".

I suppose, white dented dice would be the best. But if another colour is cheaper, well, there we go then.

Are there other tools out there to help me with getting nice cut out stickers? Because doing that with scissors, might get out of hand.

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Joined: 10/28/2013
How about suggesting the best

How about suggesting the best provider of dice? I might as well ask for the "CRT" dice, officially, right away. Still for prototyping though. The game is a dice feast too.

I guess, Indented is the correct word. And am looking around on gamecrafter (somehow, they stand above others by far). A white indented D6 costs $0.41 each. I would go for a bulk of at least 30, guessing about 60 (4x4x4=64 even better) is what I need just for safekeeps, spares and duplicating the game. Thus then it would be $0.38 each. A total of $22.8.
19 mm is big. I would like to have smaller, currently I use 16 mm, but rather have those of 12 mm. The later would be only 25% room compared to those of 19 mm. They also have Dice stickers :) from wich I need 2 (x 225 stickers).

But I think, it is safer for me to use materials that are clumsy friendly regarding printing.

Has any one experience regarding this?
Or am I asking the wrong questions?

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In the UK...

I got a bunch of indented dice a few years ago from and was happy with the product and the price (currently 20p or €0.25, with discounts for larger orders).

Yeah, 19mm is pretty big, particularly if you are using a lot of them, but for prototype purposes they are very handy.

The times I have used these I have hand cut stickers to fit, which is a bit fiddly -- getting properly sized stickers would certainly be better.

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