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Plastic "things" needed...

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I am trying to find out if something may already exist along the lines of what I am looking for, so I don't have to have them custom machined.

Essentially what it is, imagine the sort of game piece stands with a flat base, and a notch on the top to slide in a chipboard game piece.

That is what I am looking for, except I am not looking for that exactly. I need something capable of connecting 2 pieces of chipboard (roughly 1.5mm thick) in a few different ways.

I need a 90 degree L shape, a 120 degree L shape, and H shape (for connecting them flat, side by side, and a T shape.

I just don't know what they would be called, if even such a thing exists. I have tried Googleing plastic brackets, plastic clips, and all sorts of possibilities, and haven't found anything close to what I need.

Any ideas of what I might be looking for?


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Well, through your first

Well, through your first couple sentences, i'd have said sure! there's tons of different plastic stands to hold a piece of cardboard upright. but that all fell apart when you got to the additionaly attached pieces at various angles. You'll probably be able to find some sort of make-do double sided plastic clip for the side-by-side thing (probably wire clips of some sort), but the others sound less likely.

have you checked in a hardware store yet? even if they don't have exactly what you want, you could find a clip that's the right size and contact the company that makes them to see if they've got different shapes/configurations.

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