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I'm trying to find a place that makes POGs or perhaps press board chits of a POG size. I need them for a game. However, I am having a hard time finding a place that makes them. Anyone have a good lead?

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Where to find a place that

Where to find a place that makes POGS? Try 1995. Har har har.

But seriously, folks. You want something called the "milkcap maker." Currently there's this one selling on ebay; maybe craigslist or an especially well-stocked local craft store might have one.

Joined: 05/26/2009
Thanks for the tip! I may

Thanks for the tip! I may pick that up, great for prototypes.

What I am really looking for is a place the prints cardboard coins/pogs/whatever. Roughly of the 2" size. Having a terrible time finding a place online. This won't be for prototyping, but for making coins for a game that's part of a convention.

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Do they have to be cardboard,

Do they have to be cardboard, and how much do you want to spend? For example, you could do custom acrylic tokens from Litko, but 70 cents a token may be pricey if you need a lot for a game convention:

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Plastic tokens

If you can get by with lineart (no colour) then you could get plastic tokens from

They are 17 cents a piece in quantity.

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Try the dollar stores. The

Try the dollar stores. The "Global POG Association" tried to revitalize POGs a few years back with a lineup of games including POG Casino Night, POG Soccer, POG Hockey, POG Word Builder, etc. The games were selling for $1 each. Casino Night was an especially good bargain, with 54 POGs (representing a full deck of cards plus jokers). I've found the same games on eBay, but expect to pay more for shipping.

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If you're just looking for cardboard, pogs are simply die-cut chipboard, as used in tons of games, though with thicker chipboard. No special magic there, per se, which is why doing a search for them doesn't turn anything up -- there's no such thing as cardboard pog printing as a specialty (anymore).

Instead, any decent-sized print shop with their own die-cutting (or who can outsource it) could do the job. A print shop that specializes in printing games (like the one Gameprinter here works for) would be more experienced with the kind of collating you'll need, so would likely be better, but still, it's just printing, gluing to chipboard, and die-cutting.

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i know a good place!
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