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Preparing a PnP File

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I'm currently making a PnP file for a game design of mine. I'd appreciate feedback on the artwork, my main concern is figuring if I should include more components in a PnP file meant to be sent to publishers. First, here's a picture of the physical components I use and another of the PnP's current contents

I have four questions. A preface to the first two: My understanding is that PnP file designers tend to request that players use their own generic tokens and cubes to represent various tokens in the game. I'm considering including files to cut out and use custom flat paper tokens to represent various parts of my game instead of asking that players use their own generic 3d tokens (because I worry that asking to gather pieces would be a hassle that detracts from the experience). One of my main concerns is that some components may work better as 3d pieces.

1) Worker tokens (3 per player) are placed on the Mine tiles (Greed Grotto, Money Mountain, and Cash Cavern) to collect gemstones (rubies, sapphires, and diamonds). In my playtesting, I use red discs to represent the worker tokens (my original worker test used pennies). These components are not picked up and placed very often in gameplay. Should I design small worker tokens to include in the PnP, or write that pennies / some other generic token should be gathered to represent the workers?

2) Gemstones (25 tokens of each color) and money (75 tokens-worth) are placed on the Buyer/Seller cards (1 card per player) during trades. In my playtesting, I use acrylic gems (red, white, and blue) to represent the gemstones and green bingo chips to represent money. These components are picked up and set down fairly often in gameplay, so they benefit from being 3d. Should I design small gemstone and money tokens to include in the PnP, or write that 25 red/white/blue tokens (wooden cubes or, ideally acrylic gems) should be gathered to represent each gemstone and 75 bingo chips should be gathered to represent money?

3) This game uses player shields with some rules information attached to the inside of them. I was thinking I could have double sided full-page-sized shields (simple artwork on one side, reference info on the other) and instruct to fold the paper in thirds and stand it up. Should I instead just include the reference info for each shield and instruct to glue the reference info to the inside of shields that the players provide?

4) When publishers are interested in receiving a copy of a game submission, do they generally request print and play files or a mailed physical copy of the game? Which do publishers generally prefer? How bothered would a publisher be if a print and play file asked him to gather a bunch of cubes/tokens?

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You can ask that players

You can ask that players provide common parts for your P-n-P that is normal. Shields though should be supplied as part of the PDF's.

My experience with publishers is mixed. Most have wanted a physical copy of the game but my most recent game which is under review they asked for just files and said they would construct it themselves to save me the expense.

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