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Rough Prototyping for Firelight, Card-Based RPG

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Hi everyone,

So, I'm working on my first round of prototyping for a pretty rough prototype of a card-based role-playing game I'm calling Firelight. The basic idea of the game is this:

Firelight aims to present a bridge between simple tabletop RPGs like the recent Dear Leader and more robust, complex RPGs like DnD, Pathfinder etc. Each game of Firelight consists of one 60-100 minute Quest, representing a full, self-contained, improvised story. The game utilizes cards to streamline Adventurer creation, treasure gathering, as well as to give Game Masters storylines and objectives for their Quests. The overall structure was inspired by quests in open world video games, where the overarching narrative structure and characters are provided by the game, but the methods and moment-to-moment interactions are entirely player-driven, ideally ensuring tons of variety between games.

The rules are pretty rough and probably need some filling in in spots, especially considering this is largely an improvisational game. That is probably where I'll be looking for advice the most. Rules can be found here:

The cards themselves can be found here. They are B&W to be printer-friendly, though a few have b&w sketches to indicate the styles I'm going for in the art:

Because Quest cards are double-sided, but because people may be printing out and putting in sleeves which would make it hard to see the other side, I've got a Google Sheet with the Quest Phases, which would normally be on the back side. This sheet also includes which Enemies are recommended to go with which Quests:

One last note: I have a few notes myself based on games I've played, but I wanted to see how other people think of the game before acting on many of the notes I've made. If you find a Quest phase or description too vague, too specific, etc., that's another big area of focus for us and something that I expect to need a good amount of editing, so I'd love to hear more suggestions on ways to get them nailed down.

Phew, I think that's everything for now. Please feel free to message me on here or respond in the forum and I'll try to get back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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You might get more responses

You might get more responses if you asked a specific question.

Threads that consist of "here's my game, what do you think?" tend to not get a lot of traction.

Generally, people don't care to read through rule books. You might be better off creating a how to play video.

In any case, thanks for posting, and welcome to the forum.

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