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Want to become an artist? try Art Academy for 3DS

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I bought the "Art Academy" video game for 3Ds which is a art software that includes detailed tutorials. I am now at my 7th tutorial, and so far everything goes well. It is amazing what I could achieve without any drawing skills. If you want to do your own art for your game, I strongly suggest you get this game if you have a 3DS to learn how. It will exceed any online web site or book tutorial that you can find out there. So far I did painting, pencil drawing and pastel drawing.

For painting example search google, you'll find the tutorial pictures.

The software itself allows you to make your own painting and export it on the camera which can probably be exported to the computer. The only problem with the software is that the picture resolution is something like 640x480. Which is not enought for a 300 dpi printing unless you want to do something not bigger than 2 inch per 1.5 inch. You could also take a piture with your 3DS and import in into "Art Academy" and use it as a painting model.

There is another software called "colors 3D" which I have not tried yet also available for 3DS. This one is similar to computer software graphic tools and allows 5 layers with 3D display. Art academy does not have layers since it tries to simulate real painting. Colors 3D seems to have a bigger resolution. I don't remember the resolution, but it's at least twice bigger.

So I suggest at least trying art academy to learn how to paint. And then it's up to you if you want to use a tablet, pen table or a 3DS to do your art. At least you would have learned the technique.

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I too can attest to this

I too can attest to this software. I purchased a Wacom tablet many months ago but I needed some fine-tuning on my digital art skills to fully utilize it so I got Art Academy on 3DS and was thoroughly impressed with it.

As with learning any new skill, though, it takes time! Very rewarding though :)

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