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Crafter Con 2021 - Pitching to Publishers

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Crafter Con 2021 - Pitching to Publishers

In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2021, Brett Myers and Nick Bentley talk about how to get in front of a board game publisher and how to get them to gain interest in your game. Brett and Nick are both published game designers.

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Funny, eh?

I just pitched in early December a Dice Company (focus on selling dice and collectible pins) and they told me they are NOT looking for any NEW dice designs.

I was a bit surprised since these companies are typically SMALLER and rely much on innovation to distinguish their brands. And so having INNOVATIVE new dice designs should be right up their alley.

In any case, Dual Dice is not over just yet... First I need to WAIT until TradeWorlds (TW) is delivered so that people can feel confident we delivered a spectacular game and that gamers are pleased with the game itself.

After TW then we can plan to see what comes next. I guess the first try of DD was a poor failure (with only 20 Backers and 1/8 of the necessary funds to make the Dice a reality which was about $500 USD in funds).

In any case, they too might be highly solicited, IDK. Do people come up with constant and NEW designs for dice??? Not really. Most things I see are not the most innovative in terms of the design of DICE!

But I guess that is something to consider in future pitches. Maybe refine the pitch, streamline it a bit too. TBD.

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Publisher's Perspective

Thanks for hosting this interview, TGC. I always value hearing directly from a publisher about how they look at pitches, sell sheets, conventions, etc. Nick had a lot of wisdom to share, and I took away a lot from this one.

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