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New Feature: Shortcuts

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The Game Crafter
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Shortcuts are shortened URLs that you can use for marketing and tracking purposes. They redirect to the permalink for your game, so even if you change the name of your game they'll continue to work.

Your game must be published to add shortcuts, and each game may have a maximum of 3 shortcuts. The shortened URL you choose may only have English letters and numbers, as well as dashes and underscores. If you submit a slug with invalid characters, those characters will be replaced with dashes.

Official Announcement:

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I'm not really a fan of URL shorteners

And the main reason is that you don't know WHERE you are being asked to visit. My security software that tells me if my URLs are safe to browse or if they are suspicious. These URL shorteners don't allow my software to assess if the destination URL is okay, suspicious or dangerous (with possible bad scripts, etc.) That's the reason I wouldn't recommend using URL shorteners.

But in the context of "The Game Crafter" (TGC), I guess you pretty much know that a shortened URL will land you somewhere on the TGC website... So it's much more acceptable than public shorteners likes Tiny URL and so forth...

So I think this is an okay addition. Because it is LINKED to the TGC website, I find it is much more SAFE than their public counterparts. And you do see now a lot of SPAM using URL shorteners... Even IF I am curious, with a shortener it's a quick DELETE of that message. And my primary reason is that my security software cannot detect the validity of the end-URL that the shortener will lead to.

And people writing bad stuff KNOW THIS. This is how they try to hook you into visiting an insecure page with possible scripts that could tamper with your browser and/or computer.

Thankfully this is not the case with TGC shortened URLs. But still something to be warned about in this digital age! Cheers.

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This is a useful feature, and it avoids many of the security issues of short URLs as Quest mentioned.

The Game Crafter wrote:
so even if you change the name of your game they'll continue to work.

Ah, yes, I remember updating a bunch of links in a hurry because I made this rookie mistake.

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