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GenCant ButtonShy 2022 Game Design Challenge

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Create an 18 card flip and write game.
Submissions from Monday May 17 until Sunday July 17.
See the website for details:

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Joined: 06/01/2022
Sunshine Harvest

I have an idea for this contest: a game about growing and harvesting edibles in the garden. The 18 cards would represent 18 weeks of a spring/summer growing season. The player sheets would represent the garden plot that each player has to grow in.
Each turn would work like this:
a) flip a card and see what it delivers (could be factors like sunshine and rainfall which vary between cards, as well as options to plant certain things in bulk, or options to install equipment such as a greenhouse or water tank, or pests like snails which attack certain plants)
b) each player chooses what they want from the card, or picks a single plant of their choosing, and draws it on their plot. (players take turns to go first in this process and each item on the card can only be picked once)
c) as plants grow they can branch out into other squares on a player's plot, so they need room to mature fully. As plants mature, players draw more branches on it.
d) weather has a large impact on whether a plant matures or not in a particular week, for example a tomato may require 5 sunshines and 4 rains, or when fruiting it may require at least 8 sunshines and less than 3 rains.
e) by the end of the 18 weeks, players tally up their harvest. If there is an oversupply (from all players) of a particular crop then the price of that crop falls and players don't score as much from it.

Other notes:
Fully matured plants score much more.
Some plants like pumpkin vine can sprawl and grow where they want, whereas others like pepper/capsicum or broccoli grow in a certain way (as in they have to fill particular squares around the root of the plant)
So the aim is to fit as much in your plot as possible and get it to mature, and also to try to grow things that other players aren't growing much of.

That's it for now. Just an idea. Will try to get a rough prototype happening. Grateful for any comments or ideas :)

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