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(might I suggest?) economy challange, no cash prize

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Joined: 06/17/2015

I'd like to propose an economy challange.

The basic idea behind it is that a kid (or an adult) in, let's just say Somalia or Nepal after the earthquake would be able to get enjoyment out of the game.

-The game must be simple to play and very simple to produce, it must cost nothing or next to nothing.
-Commonly availible materials (eg: regular 6-sided dice, standard playing cards, 8x8 chess/checkers boards) can be used but they must be cheap so that people playing don't have to buy a ton of stuff.
-The game must be released as public domain but may not contain copyrighted material, etc...
Nothing needed to play the game has to be downloaded and printed! if there are things which need to be copied (materials for the game, not the rules), they must be of the sort that an 8 year old child could reasonably facsimilate them.
-The rules have to come to 5 pages or less when printed in 10.5 font or larger, no 60 page complex rule books.
-Any games you've already made can be submitted to this if they meet the criteria, versions of games you've already made which have been changed to meet the criteria can be used but not versions of other people's games.

- the games would be uploaded or something and the winner decided in an online poll. You won't get a cash prize but you can get a virtual "floating trophy" maybe if the mods like my idea they can actually add it to the current holder's profile?

sorry, I've never set up a competition before and have no idea how I'd go about it. Anyone itnerested can jump in.

Any ideas/suggestions, etc can be discussed.

Sound good?

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Sounds great

I think this contest has a lot of merit. I work to create (quality) games for nonprofits and good-works organisations in the Pacific region.

This is a field that needs more games to help embed good ideas, or how local systems work.

That said, on BGDF it might work if you do a Blog style or Game Journal style post? Or have entrants create a "game journal" entry for their game and then link it in a central forum.

We're slow on updating the site - hopefully understandably - the site has been as it is for over a decade and the admins wear many hats outside of BGDF. So "badging" in the user profile is something I really want, and is on the list of eventual updates.

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Joined: 06/17/2015
how do I do that?

I'd love to do a Blog style or Game Journal style post, I just don't know how yet, that's why I mainly infest the new game ideas part for now, just finding my feet.

I'd also like to make it that you have to log in to vote, so you can vote for each game only once? possible.

I'll gladly start the Dirt Broke Games challange as soon as I know how.

Arthur Wohlwill
Joined: 05/30/2015
Re: Ecomony Challenge

A game I made for the September GDS would work here. The game is called "King of the Hill" All you need is a chess board and a number of chips of different colors. I'd be glad to give it away, competition or not.

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