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[GDS] JUNE 2016 "It's Tourney Time" questions and comments

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Questions and comments for the June GDS go here!

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intended or mistake?

On to the details!

Component restriction: None Mechanic restriction: Recognises the potential for, encourages, and regulates alpha gamers in a Cooperative game.
**Theme restriction: None

Did this slip in by accident from older GDS or is it correct?

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Card games seems to span

Card games seems to span everything from bridge to poker to Magic to Summoner Wars. Feels a little broad.

Some thoughts:
I think tournament play can only happen when the skill ceiling is of a certain height. IE chess tournaments, but no checker tournaments

There CAN be many individual players in the same game. IE poker

There CAN be teams. IE bridge.

Although non team cooperation might cause cheating issues. IE mahjong.

Tournaments are also more likely to be funded if the game requires prepwork for the player.(deck building in CCGs and point buy systems)

However, tournaments will pop up as long as a game has a large enough player base and fans. IE monopoly.

I still can't really wrap my head around monopoly tournaments. What the hell.

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I'm wondering if cards in

I'm wondering if cards in general are banned, or just "card games" - games that revolve around the cards.

In clearer terms, can we use cards in our games at all?

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