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Greetings all,

I pop into the site from time to time but rarely log in, and it looks like I've missed some messages from folks who've sought slots in the Game Design Workshop.

Effective immediately, and until Seth/Michael determine otherwise, the GDW is no longer moderated, and anyone who would like to have their rulebook discussed can simply start a thread to do so. The traffic has been sufficiently light over the last few years that I trust this won't overload the capacity of the system.

I would like to simply point out that the original spirit of the GDW was as a "rulebook swap". The GDW is not the place to look for playtesters or for review requests for your nearly-complete game. It is much better suited to early-stage designs on which you need suggestions and feedback on the design itself (it's not a good place to seek proofreaders for your rules, either). Implicit in participation is the idea of reciprocity -- that you will review others' rulebooks just as they have extended you the courtesy of reviewing your rulebook. I don't suspect these policies will be enforced in the future, although the Mods can crack down on abuses, but I would ask that folks would nevertheless observe them, as we put a lot of thought into how the GDW should work and what it was ideally suited to do.

Have fun!


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Good to hear from you again,

Good to hear from you again, Jeff.

I hope some folks take you up on the new approach right out of the gate ... I always enjoyed the GDW!


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... I just sent you a message

... I just sent you a message and then stumbled across this thread. My apologies for dropping the ball on that one. ;)

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How does the GDW work, exactly?

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