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An easy to read document version of this is here:

Juice! + P.V.P Arena + Supapowas + W.O.E (War of Elementals)

Nathaniel Brian Allen

Table Of Contents
Rough Draft 1
Relm Of Jouse 2
Pet, Elements, Effect interaction and organization 4
Pet Moves 6
Pet Effects 7
Effect Card Effect 8
Element Boosts to Pet Move Stats and how it works 9
Pet to pet boosting rules 10
Gameplay, the turns and the rules of building through the turns, also what he calculation sheet looks like 11
Suggestions 12
P.V.P Arena 18
Supapowas 28
W.O.E War of Elementals 30

Rough Draft

Flavorable Pokemons :Juise

dont get hit dirrectly nine times –round decimals up

attack: challenge defense defense/block(blocks are effects): defeat attack and give difference back counter, if you choose to block you will take the damage from the block as one hit evasion: survive attack for three turns if value beats attack value counter: divide attack and share the product value revise(effect): rearrange your preparation decognition(effect): cancel a point about opponent preparation recognision(effect): Increase your own specific value in a situation presented by the opponent cognition(effect): I your own specific value when the opponent comes for a specific value

e=effect f=stat value formation B=stat bais (a compilative boost is added to each card after it is created for you to use or not at will)

fire: e: blocks, rare cognition f: just bais toward attack B=attack

wind: e: selective counter boost, rare decognition f: bais toward evasion B=evade

water: e: selective evade boost, rare revision f: bais towards counter B=counter

earth: e: selective attack boost, rare recognition f: bais towards defense B=defend

dark: e:revision f:even B=Counter at least +2(=1), Evade allways only 1 point boost(=2)

lightning: e:decognition f:scattered B=Evade 1, Counter 2

light: e:recognition f:even and off one B=Defense 1, Attack 2

mud: e:cognition f:scattered close B=Attack 1, Defense 2

cards have three levels in general the feild has 9 spaces cards can boost other cards but these cards must populated the provided even spaces marked out in threes their can only be one booster this cuts from its self half of out of what it boosts first level boost by 3 second by 6 third by 9

effect cards placed by you must be underneath the card they are being used on if an effect card is place in a spot you cannot space a (little pokemon) in the spot over it, you must apply effect placed in spots without (lp) to all (lp) on the feild. you may wipe away and set new effects instantly under the space of an (lp) you may gradually add two effect cards extra where there are no (lp).

gameplay: suim like yugioh suim

The Relm of Juise

Jouse is a realm of beautiful creatures who litter the land with various virtue and right. They are unique in many ways and come from many cultural standings and disciplines. The Relm Of Juise Was first organized as the environment was with the creatures aligned and born exactly where their element is. Then when the creatures became more complex after roaming naturally and ignorant; they created new places to dwell in different land comfortably and the creature’s who’s element was light helped them refine their rules and there was peace and competition. The creatures made much arts and crafts, and myth and lore romping and schooling and some making the world for the better and more interesting teaching and protecting all with whimsical drama which by law was to be announced unless they would receive various levels of consequence. The fire, earth and lava creatures rose up knowing the pets came together in unison organized in a safe way and argued the way they currently were was going to destroy them because they were starting to accept more and more diversity in creatures within their land and so declared war for their land against the destabilization of the rest of the planet. The creatures choose the light and multi element light water and water creatures to defend their peace. The opposing team rushed the land beyond their boundaries (where the earth, fire and lava (multi element fire and earth creatures) who agreed with the rest of the plant stood for it and this was an easy battle for the opposing team because the creatures that stood were instructed by the light creatures to let it be and retreated deceptively…. The moment they past this point all the water creatures of the land who wanted to fight in the plan at the time assisted in a Jugging tsunami which washed away the entire lands of the earth, fire and fire earth creatures with the all the selective powers of the light creatures avoiding the good and the trapped inside the land. All thought this was the end of the betrayal but once the adults tried to break down and reform the enemies rocken bodies for their buildings which where cooled from the great wash as the called it stolen abilities hidden inside the enemies whom they captured allowed them to revive from the touch of their brothers as they did plan overall and they then started their mighty push from once touch again causing the adults and elders to flee safely as they could from their home lands again. The next phase of the war was great making many heroes many villains and some more innocence was newly lost from the planet but the weight of the plant against them along with the intellectual prowess of light raised by that of the dark creatures the enemy who would be worse poisoned with betrayers if it was not for their strict communication among them being like liquid as one and moving their thought through the heat so this would work even to keep thought communication open to all of them with someone skilled watching all these thoughts at once for betrayal yes though this team stayed close the planets dominants crushed them to a territory of their survivors and cursed them to follow their own rules after they encaged them with a great enclosing wall forever. Then some from the multi element light, fire, earth creatures (yellow lava) called the dame oouns who are curious and famous for their ability to betray through looking benign came to inspire the enemy to execute their move for conquering the earth a different way which suggests them coming ass friends but the with the clever of these.... new! ....combination! of enemies the world will never know but to hope the complexity of their plan does not change many…. coming from this Zepiptie (lightning light creature) it would do them not to hurt each other in diversity.
By the way this is how the dame oouns grow, as a child they are look a yellow jelly bean as a teenager the only gain a small white circle where they’ve had their eye but as an adult they gain many eyes are much larger, have four limbs the fore limbs two strong arms with hands as wide as their four arms widening on their ends yet their hind legs are much smaller than the.. the arms the body tops this off with pre frog tad pole tale. The elders stand as a frog with their frog feat. Have fun.

Then low and behold three days later an dame ooun did break past the wall and its shield and give the creatures inside the technique they used enabling many many break outs the security force just couldn’t catch, This is where the game begins. The Zepiptie was let out of jail after falsely accusing the dame ooun and when he was he apologized publicly because he might have inspired, This is where the game begins. The creatures created military force specifically for the enemy who was now both a coercive covert force and acting as a destructive evasive widespread military force and this is where the game begins Jouse players.

Pet, Elements, Effect interaction and organization

P - Pet Element
E - Element Effect Attribute
PE – Pet Element Effect (Pet Element Effects Extended Is in the Suggestions chapter
R – Rare Pet Element Effect Attributes
C – Colors
EC – Effect Card Color
C/EC – Stripes are white and toward upper right
O – Element Move Stat Optimizations
D – Element Move Stat Disabilities

##P – Fire= |PE – Block |R –Torment| Evolve |E – Hit |C – Red |EC - Chalky Red (light red)|
O – Hit | Block | Dodge | Flip | D – Flip | Dodge | Block|
##P – Wind= |PE – Flip |R – Shift |E – Dodge |C – White |EC - Light Grey|
O – Dodge | Flip | Block | Hit | D – Hit | Block | Flip|
##P – Water= |PE – Dodge |R – Hide |E – Flip |C – Light Blue |EC - Striped Light Blue|
O – Flip | Dodge | Hit | Block | D – Block | Hit | Dodge|
##P – Earth= |PE – Hit |R – See |E – Block |C – Light Brown |EC - Striped Light Brown|
O – Block | Hit | Flip | Dodge | D – Dodge | Flip | Hit|
##P – Dark= |PE – Hide |R – Flip |E – Hide |C – Jet Black |EC - Striped Jet Black|
O – Flip | Dodge | Block | Hit | D – Hit | Block | Dodge|
##P – Lightning= |PE – Shift |R – Dodge |E – Shift |C – Bright Blue |EC - Dark Blue|
O – Dodge | Hit | Block | Flip | D – Hit | Block | Dodge|
##P – Light= |PE – See |R – Block |E – See |C – Bright Yellow |EC - Dark Yellow|
O – Block | Hit | Flip | Dodge | D – Dodge | Flip | Hit|
##P – Clay= |PE – Evolve |C – Dark Brown |EC - Striped Dark Brown|
O – Hit | Dodge | Flip | Block | D – Block | Flip | Dodge|
##P –|E – Reform |C – Bright Green |EC- Green|
O – Hit | Dodge | Flip | Block | D – Block | Flip | Dodge|
##P – Death= |E – Nitrify |C – Grey |EC - Dark Green|
O – Block | Flip | Dodge | Hit | D – Hit | Dodge | Flip|

Pet Extended Effects and Rare Pet Effects
Key: 1=Aids |2=Saves |3=Bends
Aids: Light Help, Saves: Heavy Help, Bends: Skill born from one but quickly mastered by another elements effect helping the skill.
Fire PE-|See1| Hide 2|Block3| ………………..………………..………………..…………….………….. R- Evolve | Torment
Wind PE-|Hit2|Flip3| ………………..………………..………………..………………..…………….………. R- Shift
Water PE-| Evolve 2|Hit1|Dodge3| ………………..………………..………………..………….……… R- Hide
Earth PE-|Dodge1|Block2|Hit3| ………………..………………..………………..………………….….. R- See
Dark PE-|Hit2|See3| ………………..………………..………………..………………..………….….………. R- Flip
Lightning PE-|Flip1|Hide2| ………………..………………..………………..…………………….….... R- Dodge
Light PE-|Dodge1|Evolve1| ………………..………………..………………..………………....……….. R- Block
Clay PE-|Block2|Hide1| ………………..………………..………………..……………………….......…. R- Hit
Life PE-|Absorb1|Nurture1|Consume2| ………………..……………………..…………….…….…. R- Flip| Hit
Death PE-|Neutralize3 (Life: Absorb) |Nitrify3 (Life: Nurture) |Haze2| …………....….. R- Hide | See

Pet Moves –Round Decimals Up
Hit – If The Stat Value Is Higher Target Pet Is Defeated and Discarded.
Dodge – If The Stat Value Is Higher Then The Pet The Pet Owner Targeted With Is Evaded; This Means Your Evading Pet Avoids Defeat And Doesn’t Give Damage Back.
Flip – If The Stat Value Is Higher Then The Value Of The Hit Or Flip (Flips Hit) Is Given Back Like Hit Without Defeat.
Block – If The Stat Value Is Higher Then The Difference Between The Hit Or Flip And Your Pets Block Is Given Back Like A Hit To Without Defeat.

Pet Effects
Hit – Secures The Hits Success Unless Verses Another Secure Move. In This Case The Hit (Or Flip) Must Be Called Back By The Pet Owner. Moves May Be Over Boosted (Boosted Beyond The Stat Value Nine) If Your Over Boost Is More Times Over Than Your Opponents Then Your Move Will Succeed As A Secured Move And Only Another Secure Move (With More Or The Same Amount Of Over Boost) Can Stop Or Succeed Over It. Move is times one secure value at 9 points and times 2 secure value at 18 and this continues on.
Dodge – Secures Dodge
Flip – Secures Flip, Defeats Opponent
Block – Secures Block, Defeats Opponent
Hide – Secures Hide. Hide: Hide Cards in Your Hand, Deck and On the Field and Hit, Doge, Block, Flip and So On Stronger From Hidden Positions.
Shift – Secures Shift. Shift: Switch Effects or Pets Reactively To Possibly Any Action That May Be Done In the Game.
See – Secures See. See: Boost Possibly Any And All Stats Based On The Completion Of Possibly Any Action That May Be Done In The Game.
Evolve – Secures Evolve. Evolve: Boost Any And All Stats If Possibly Any Condition Your Opponents Cards Have.
Absorb – Secures Absorb. Absorb: Increase Stat Values By Donating A Pet To It. This Pet (The One Being Donated) Must Be Put Underneath This Card And Discarded As The Card Says It Should When Whatever Move It Notes Is Used Up).
Nurture – Secures Nurture. Nurture: Increase The Ability To Boost Another Pet (See. Pet Boosting) (This Might Be More Than One) This By Standard May Only Happen In The Zone The Nurturing Pet Is.
Consume – Gains Variable Values after Defeating the Opponents Pet and De-Cards the Pet (Removes the game from play completely and no effect does bring it back).
Nitrify – Secures Nitrify. Nitrify: Saves Pet From Defeat (These Cards May Only Do This A Certain Amount Of Times Stated On The Card).
Neutralize – Secures Neutralize. Neutralize: Give Immunity To A Pet From An Effect Only Ever After It Has Been Targeted Directly By Another Pet (The Pet Using This Effect May Only Neutralize Within Its Z.
Haze – Lower Enemy Move Stats.
Torment- Successful torment See in Effect card effects.

Effect Card Effect
Hit – Boosts Pet Hit Stat Value
Dodge – Boosts Pet Dodge Stat Value
Flip – Boosts Pet Flip Stat Value and
Block – Boosts Pet Block Stat Value
Hide – Boost Hide and/or Hide Cards in Your Hand, Deck and On the Field and Hit, Doge, Block, Flip and So On Stronger From Hidden Positions.
Shift – Boost Switch and/or Switch Effects or Pets Reactively To Possibly Any Action That May Be Done In the Game.
See – Boost See and/or Possibly Any And All Stats Based On The Completion Of Possibly Any Action That May Be Done In The Game By Your Opponent.
Evolve – Boost Evolve and/or Any And All Stats If Possibly Any Condition Your Opponents Cards Have.
Absorb – Increase Stat Values By Donating A Pet To It. This Pet (The One Being Donated) Must Be Put Underneath This Card And Discarded As The Card Says It Should When Whatever Move It Notes Is Used Up). If The Card That Is Moved To Its Space Is Taken By A Pet Later On In The Battle Then When The Absorbing Pet Is Defeated Then It takes that Space If Not Then It Goes Back To The Previous Space, You Have The Option To Re-Card This Pet The Time It Was Attacked With The Absorbing Pet.
Nurture – Increase The Ability To Boost Another Pet (See. Pet Boosting) (This Might Be More Than One Pet Depending on The Pet) The Neutralizing Pet May Only Do This For The Pets In Its Zone (The Increase Is States On The Card). The Nurturing Pet May State Pet Elements It Decreases The Amount Of Stat Boost It Gives Off).
Consume – Gain stats or life after defeating opponent and ban card from battle.
Nitrify – Saves Pet From Defeat (These Cards May Only Do This A Certain Amount Of Times) This Card Must Be Place Underneath The Card It Is Nitrifying If A Card Is Put In Its Place While Nitrifying And The Pet It Nitrifies Gets Defeated It Takes The Place It Is In If Not It Goes Back To The Previous Place.
Neutralize – Give Immunity To A Pet From An Effect Only Ever After It Has Been Targeted Directly By Another Pet. The Neutralizing Pet May Only Do This For The Pets In Its Zone. The Effect To Be.
Neutralized And/Or Other More Specific Parts Of Effects Are To Be Specified By The Neutralizing Cards Effect Statement).
Torment- Increase possibly anything about you and decrease possibly anything about your opponent for a set amount of turns over possibly any statistical or game play win or loss

Element Boosts to Pet Move Stats and how it works
Based on the move priorities highest to lowest the standard boost provided by a pets element is changed, the change is in this pattern (highest to lowest) 9,6,3. Pet cards may have a different standard but when the general standard is less in an area it would be nice and bring a sense of security about the card if the stats did always increase another area.
Pets may be made with multiple elements
• Pet maturity changes in general
o The highest a moves value may be is changed by the pets maturity and prioritized with other moves by the pets element. Lowest to highest this is basically 3,6,9. There is another maturity level (The previous maturity levels were (lowest to highest: child, teenager, adult) called elder whenever an ever an elder is added to a pet species it changes at least one of the moves to be expected in the move pattern if it was irregular or not. Also elders do not decrease their move stat value when they boost other pets.
• The System That Should Be Used To Combine Movements And Pet Elements When Pets Are Designed With Multiple Elements
o Line up the moves in their priority and the move which comes next in line first takes the priority levels of the contending moves. This is the basic solution but it is challenged through the increasing complexity required to find the solution. Some problems are repetition of previously prioritized moves, I find When I moved on to the next set of contending moves in the priorities; the problem was solved with some of them repeatedly this way but then that stopped (I don’t know how long until the next time that will work in the pattern I choose to find them (probably never)). Another problem was that some priorities cause a block of sorts so my only choice was to ask myself which of the moves happened a hit, dodge, flip or block and this level usually gets me through that (then I think it asks you to consider what the elements habit or habits are). I think the general card set in the suggestions chapter finds these problems incrementally and so we may be able to find meticulously each problem specifically without damaging the integrity of the selection of the new move prioritizations of a multi-element pet and how to find the pattern through all these patterns of problems with maybe some software (think I might have chosen the wrong way to make the straight series but the additives in the series do save the weaknesses I think more aggressively). Priorities are always shown as such on a card (lowest to highest) left corner, right corner, bottom left corner.

Pet to pet boosting rules
On the playing field there are three sets of spaces of three spaces these are called zones. Pet boosting between pets may only happen with pets in the same zone as the boosting pet. To do this (boosting) move the pet boosting up slightly in its space just beyond its name to note it is the pet boosting. Only one pet may boost at a time in the zone, the amount a pet can boost changes with maturity, whatever stat the boosting pet is boosting must be decreased to half its original value. Elders do not have to decrease their stat when they boost. Only one stat may be boosted in the zone by a pet.

Gameplay: The turns and the rules of building through the turns, also what the calculation sheet looks like
• From the start discard nine cards at once twice within four turns.
• You may set three at a time.
• When no cards are on the field you may set effects that must (and then) count for the whole team but only two may be set.
• No effects may allow you to be attacked directly (or your opponent) also if the field is cleared you may set a new pet or take the rest of the possible hits from opponents (you take this back and set a pet in between this).
• If a pet card is defeated and discarded the effect card stays on the playing field and is now every other pet cards effect. Only two lone effects may be on the field if more are about to be then the effect card is re-carded to your current selected hand or the effect deck at the owners will.
• Effect cards only work for the pet card it is under.
• If a pet is defeated and discarded the effect card stays on the field and is now every other pet cards effect. Only two lone effects may be on the field if more are about to be then the effect card is re-carded to the owner’s current selected hand or the effect deck at the owners will.
• To take turns, declare start and end of turn. For instance: “My turn”, “I declare my turn”, “I’m starting my turn”, “Your turn”, “I end my turn”, “I’m ending my turn”.
• Rearrange optimally anywhere you have owned cards on the field except your discard pile.
• Then interact with your opponent with opponent optionally optimally.
• Next rearrange optimally optionally and declare the end of your turn.
• No effect can affect this turn procedure Effects and Pet Effects May Activate Late and Such.

The beginning of decks an element and a supporting element (I suggest effects but pets can work too possibly with a colorful selection of effects. [This includes some multi element pet move priority solutions].

- Wind
Dodge|Flip|Block|Hit |Hit|Dodge|Block|Flip
- Fire
-Evasive yet Powerful
-Evade and trap mentally into losing to your attack some way (remember to protect this manipulation by using the boost effects to enforce the trap pattern and protect it) and. Also continue to defeat the strongest hitters but try your best to get your opponent in a position which if you reach the end of the game with them they have significantly less pets than you so you can make it impossible for them hit them and continually defeated them.
- Earth
Block|Hit|Flip|Dodge |Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip
- Wind
-Secure and adaptive for versatility through evasion
-Choose earth pets that hit and boost hit well and have their hit pet effects, Send mid level hitters first and your lowest evasion boosts firsts (find evasion boosts which entangle friendly pets for evasion, Pet boost to evade). Return every defeat the exact amount of pets you lost, aim to return them properly. Replace the pets lost with the next lowest hitters. Try your best to defeat the other team’s highest hitters. This should create an effect which weeds out your teams weaker (honorably valiantly or something and the other teams strongest. I’m not shore but I probably need to be a little more specific about the flow you should place your new pets (I would say make sure you have a hitter if you are about to be lost for them or predict when you need to roll into having higher hitters in order to return the hits).
- Death
Block|Flip|Dodge|Hit |Hit|Flip|Dodge|Block
- Life
-Protective and Resilient
-Protect hitting and you should be about okay throughout the game (because the base winning objective of the game is to defeat the pets and the vitality of your opponent (anything you choose to protect overall will probably be protected pretty well)).
- Life
Hit|Block|Dodge|Fliip |Hit|Dodge|Flip|Block
- Water
-Buffer able and Retaliatory
-Add security to life pet effect by applying flip saves where you want to exchange life effects.
- Wind
Dodge|Flip|Block|Hit |Hit|Dodge|Block|Flip
- Water
-Evasive and Retaliatory
-Dodge and flip against hits.
- Earth
Block|Hit|Flip|Dodge |Flip|Block|Dodge|Hit
- Earth
-Meticulous and Secure
- Play this like the first earth deck I mentioned but un-like the other deck one backs it up with defense instead. This makes your vitality more secure.
- Fire
Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip |Block|Hit|Flip|Dodge
- Earth
-Spirited and Defensive
-Secure weak points with block effects.
- Water
Flip|Dodge|Hit|Block |Flip|Dodge|Block|Hit
- Wind
-Hearty and Evasive
-Do your best flip boosting with pets then with evasion boosting and now you have a dangerous defensive team.
- Earth
Block|Hit|Flip|Dodge |Hit|Dodge|Flip|Block
- Fire
-Hardcore and Hardcore
-Play like the earth wind deck but now you can knock off pets faster.
- Lightning
Dodge|Hit|Block|Flip |Dodge|Hit|Block|Flip
- Wind
-Disabling and disruptive
-Save everything disabling, don’t forget your wind boosting. Collect lightning which saves and has hit prioritized.
- Life
Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip |Dodge|Hit|Flip|Block
- Life
-Intensive Thinking
-Through life effects raise hits while simultaneously protecting pets
- Death
Flip|Dodge|Block|Hit |Block|Flip|Hit|Dodge
- Death
-Collect good set with great offense
- Water
Flip|Dodge|Hit|Block |Hit|Flip|Block|Dodge
- Water
-A sensitive lunatic
-Flip and keep flipping
- Life
Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip |Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip
- Fire
-Nurturing and Powerful
-Raise health and attack
- Fire
Hit|Block|Dodge|Flip |Hit|Dodge|Block|Hit
- Water
-Aggressive and Retaliatory
-Hit on offense flip on defense
- Wind
Dodge|Flip|Block|Hit |Block|Flip|Dodge|Hit
- Earth
-Evasive and Secure
-Try to avoid the disadvantage of which dodging has on your life with blocking, raise flipping with pet boosting
- Water
Flip|Dodge|Hit|Block |Hit|Dodge|Flip|Block
- Fire
-Defensive and Powerful
-focus your attacks
- Earth
Block|Hit|Flip|Dodge |Hit|Dodge|Flip|Block
- Mud
-Secure and Adaptive
-Play like the earth wind deck but now it is more adaptive and versatile along the way
Game Playing Field (Not Game Board)

*Effect space is directly underneath pet space

PvP Arena
Round Decimals Up
Input- Variables from cards better recognized as something like a keyboard or mouse putting information into the game by being used to send information into other cards which send output to your opponent because output is now what the other profile has to catch or be [caught] by [because its information intentionally and/or unintentionally manipulates other information].
Output- Variables from card to throw output your opponents way which are made so they will manipulate the opponent and most of the time whether it recognizes it or not.
Profiles- Profiles are basically a type of card which tell about a characters stats; these stats include nine components out of three classes of skill: mind, body and spirit
m- mind
b- body
s- spirit
Purple Highlights- Components
Black- Regular (Primary) Variable Logic Value
Grey Highlights- The Environment Action Cards Combined Components
Turquois Highlights- Output Average Mitigation Mandating Requirement Components (Rebalancing)
Light Green- Damage and Evasion Variables
Light Blue- Explanations
Green- Facts somewhat and more from other sections

What The Components Are
m- Knowledge: Gameplay Manipulation| Environment Gameplay Effects
m- Wisdom: Stat Manipulation| Summon Profiles| Fusion and Fission| Environment Stat Effects
m- Understanding: General Representation
b- Strength: Item Holding Ability| Melee Damage
b- Agility: High Priority Move Potential| Range Evasion| Melee Defense
b- Endurance: Long Term Movement| Melee Accuracy| Range Defense
s- Courage: Stat and/or Gameplay Increase| Melee Evasion|
s- Energy: Movement Per Turn| Energy Endurance Representation| Range Damage
s- Determination: Sacrifice| Range Accuracy

m- K- Gameplay: May reorder, make opponent use the turn differently and so on including create new gameplay moves.
m- K- Environment Gameplay Effects: I - Knowledge and wisdom are used to create environmental stat effects which effect any profile whom enter the field for a time if you have more wisdom than your opponent you may always use your environment action over your opponent. Wisdom is responsible for stat changes and knowledge is responsible for gameplay changes.
m- W- Stat Manipulation: With Wisdom you may manipulate your opponents stats smoothly and/or to extreme effect the better the wisdom is.
m- W- Summon Profiles: When you set a summoned profile card and the value of your profiles wisdom variable is not as high as the summoned card you must subtract the value of the difference from the value of all the input created by the components and states of the profile card. The input other than wisdom cannot be past the value of two times your wisdom and when this happens you must remember to subtract from it with the value of the difference between your main profiles wisdom again (if your main profiles wisdom is higher you may raise the wisdom of the opponents wisdom by the difference).
m- W- Fusion and Fission: Fusion happens by making both profiles merge over time based on their details (if the fusion action card pays attention to them); the fusion card tells how these will effect each other during the turns (profiles may fight during the fusion based on the fusion card). The simpler and quicker the fusion card makes the fusion along with the effects and boosts of the fusion card the higher the fusion card is in general.
m- W- Environment Stat Effects: ^ -= Where- I - is
m- U- General Representation: If the value of a profiles understanding variable does not match or beat the value of the action cards understanding requirement variable then you must subtract this from the value of all the output created by the action card. Where the output is something such as a gameplay effect then you must decrease the potential of the output by the numeric values presented by any verbal values and if there is no numeric value then it may not use the verbal and numeric values at all.
m- S- Item Holding Ability/Movement: When you set an action card for immediate use that is an item card if the value of your profiles strength variable is not as high you must subtract this from the value of all the output created by the action card. This happens twice as fast for actions which are not action items.
m- S- Melee Damage: V –
Melee and Range: Melee damage and accuracy must be met by melee defense and evasion lest the ability of the opponent’s reaction (with ranged evasion and ranged defense) is decreased to half. If not it hits the opponent without any resistance when the opponent agility is too low. Only if the opponent is in the range position mode (there is some item on the field such as a coin so you can assign range or melee position mode to the coin sides for instance) reacts to the previously explained and chooses to use ranged evasion and/or defense can the use of these cause the variables explained before these where mentioned to be decreased to half their value. This is all the same for range damage and accuracy but if your opponent is in the melee position mode then the agility of your movement is decreased to half.
b- A- High Priority Move Potential: The difference between the profiles agilities equals the profile with the higher stat values number of actions before they may be reacted to.
b- A- Range Evasion: V -
Damage and Accuracy: When you move with melee or range damage and accuracy you must first beat the evasion of your opponent and then the defense of the opponent with what the evasion has left you able to use in order to correctly subtract from your opponents vitality unless they use no evasion or defense.
b- E- Long Term Movement: This Determines the amount of energy you may use over time, The extent of this is made by energy times the value of endurance so if you move this many times your endurance is exhausted and you must now wait for the value of the difference of your endurance and energy, if energy is lower then you may move for half the stat value and if energy is higher then you must move for a quarter of the output values.
b- E- Melee Accuracy: ^ -= Where- V - is
b- E- Range Defense: ^ -= Where- V - is
s- C- Stat and/or Gameplay Increase: There are many ways but in general stat increase may be offered by action cards if the opponent tries to decrease something about your stats and if something about the opponent decreases your stats or gameplay capabilities. This may also occur if the action card just likes something about your opponent.
s- C- Melee Evasion: ^ -= Where- V - is
s- En- Movement Per Turn: The maximum amount you may move at once within your agility advantage.
s- En- Energy Endurance Representation: When you set an action card if the value of your profiles energy variable is not as high you must subtract the value of the difference from the value of all the output created by the action card.
s- En- Range Damage: ^ -= Where- V - is
s- D- Sacrifice: Actions may offer that they sacrifice your abilities to gain abilities somehow.
s- D- Range Accuracy: ^ -= Where- V – is

Action Types
And all the components of the components
All these things may be combined to show what specific action card the action card is.
Profile Card Skill Ranks
Figured by the value of all components combined
Skill Rank Levels:
Rookie 1-27
Master 28-54
Elite 55-71
Elite Figh (figh is not a typo) 72-108+

What Profile Cards Look Like:

What Actions Look Like:

State cards display a quick description of a fighting style for instance and the requirement to acquire the state for the current game/battle. Also states are at the bottom of each profile card describing what state of mind they come in primarily to the best ability of the game. Also states may be used to take a better look into states. The player can carry states still saying this is what their profile is carrying/ knows and this is what he/she might use this battle. States look exactly like action cards.
This is the structure of states

State Styles
Afflictive- most commonly adds continuous offense and effects
Aggressive- most commonly adds offense
Patient- most commonly adds defense evasion and counters
Speedy- most commonly adds agility and effects
Stealthy- most commonly adds evasion and defense
Have an influence on the overall effects of a state

State Material (Grey Stripe) and/or Material State
Earth E
Water D
Wind A
Fire C
Life E
Death D
Light A
Dark C
Spiriting E
Have an influence on long lasting effects also may state they don’t like being affected by other effects which do things related to other material effects and so on because of this. The components next to them are what can be boosted half as must as there is state boost to their corresponding evasion and defense variables as long as the state of the action card also has the state material or material state.

State Types:
Fighting Style
Thought Study
Mental Exercise Regimen
Physical Exercise Regimen
Effect Damage and Effect Variable Value

This is what a state information variable looks like: note; The one which is first reading from left to right on the state card is the state cards variable (all the information shown below in the picture does represent one state card variable), not unless you do not have this variable do you have to use the components to be able to use the state card and all the extra information. Once you unlock the use of one state card you may use all the other parts of the state the state now recognizes. [So the other parts of the state are input].

State Boost Output: This increases the output values of action cards with the state variable as one of its requirements (states are considered optional requirements which means you do not need the state of the move except for material states and state materials).
State Specifying Value: The state specifying variable is what will set states apart when they have all of the same variables.

Faster Opponent Set Cards
Slower Opponent Set Cards
Faster Opponent sets, re card or moves in the order re card, set, move, re card, set
Slower Reacts with the same contingencies and the game goes on until vitality is reduced to zero
-Vitality is calculated by combining the value of all stats, also the also the allowed deck card count is created by this and you may use any card in your deck without just drawing on top of it.

Game Field

Score Sheet
Profile Component Condition Tracking Area Profile Vitalities
En En
Profile Interactions (Calculate New
Configuration of the Calculation, Erase and Re-Write)
Agility/Endurance (Priority Level and Refresh Rate)
Effect Condition Tracking Area (Write, Adjust and Erase as They Come and Go)

Main Creature Cards

You may block, or dodge opponent moves as you play and use superpower cards with your creature cards as you play. When blocking if block is higher than the amount of damage blocking then the difference is given to the opponent trying to damage. Game ends when someone’s vitality reaches zero and the person who causes their opponents vitality to reach zero wins.
Gameplay: You are able to every one of your opponents moves starting with the same amount one for one(do a coin toss to choose who goes first).
You are able to start with an imaginary creature care which is human and has a persuasion weight of 22 and skill level 50 (Superpower car boost level 20) and name it anything
Name: Name may be used to identify a card for the effects of a superpower to work on it/ with it.
Skill Level: Is used to verify if a creature card may use a superpower or for creature cards to be used by other creature cards (creature cards and superpowers being used by other creature cards may be used to block for that creature card and creature cards may block with superpower and/or vitality). Skill points equal vitality. You may “brace” blocking with your main creature card
Species: Just like names may be used to identify a card for the effects of a superpower to work on it/ with it.
Superpowers: Are listed for a species and a creature card may have more super powers than the usual for a species depending on the name of the creature card.

Secondary creature cards may also use superpowers on the field.

Types of Superpowers
*= may be used to block a #=dodge
*Offensive Destruction (Maim): Depletes vitality and/or temporarily disables specific superpower parts.
*Offensive Evacuation (Deter): Makes opponent require more agility to respond to you and depletes vitality of opponent.
#Offensive Dictation (Damn): Makes opponent unable to move temporarily and/or makes the opponent move against his/her self in danger of your creature cards in a specific way.
#Offensive Precaution (Dilute): Makes value of a variable lower.
*Evasive Destruction (Surprise): Requires higher than usual agility to be blocked and dodged and depletes opponent vitality.
#Evasive Evacuation (Escape): Completely escapes a superpower at the cost of more agility per use.
#Evasive Dictation (Deception): Escapes a superpowers action (a specific superpower) and also possibly a super powers action against a kind of superpower.
#Evasive Precaution (Avoidance): Increases agility versus a type of superpower and/or superpower variable in advance (may still be used if not in advance).
#Reversal Destruction (Disable): Makes target superpower on field or that has been on field unable to be used and depletes vitality.
#Reversal Evacuation (Disengage): Depletes agility (movement speed) if dodging something specific superpower.
#Reversal Dictation (Persuasion): Changes what is done with you and/ or your opponent’s superpowers.
#Reversal Precaution (Degrade): Makes creature cards stat values lower.
*Defensive Destruction (Mine): Depletes opponents vitality and/or decreases superpower variable values if possible anything which can happen in the game happens.
*Defensive Evacuation (Obstruct): Blocks type of superpower and may protect and block with creature card.
*Defensive Dictation (Preparation): Increases the value of any variable in the game.
*Defensive Precaution (Protection): Blocks and/or increases vitality.
Stealth: Hides Information and cards possibly even during card use. Player must use the card within information boundaries though.
Mobility: Increases movement speed.
Supervision: Finds information and cards on the field and in the deck and hand.
Safety: Adds defense on a specific area of information.

W.O.E (War of Elementals)


c: Creatures (need material for creatures.
m: Materials ( Must stack included materials involved in making a creature in the same place underneath the creatures ( may fight with materials except for when used to build a creature and may combine power of materials by stacking them (if creature dies then materials go to the discard pile with it).
o: Offensive modifiers may add to the usual effectiveness and/or outcomes of a creatures offensive moves.
d: Defensive modifiers may add to the usual effectiveness and/or outcomes of a creatures defensive moves.

Card stat configuration of all cards (on back and pictures on front)

Common Offense: Shot, Beam, Whip, Slash, Stab, Tackle, Punch, Kick, Bite
Common Defense: Brace, Roll, Thrash, Arm Block, Leg Block, Slash Block, Shot Block, Shield
Effects (using symbols): Movement Boost, Damage, Burn Damage On Contact, Escaping Damage Despite Block, Collateral Damage From Hitting A Type Of Block, Shock (Stops Response For An Amount Of Turns In A Pattern Strongest Shock Is Used For Pattern), Freeze (Slows Movement), Daze Lowers Effectiveness For Some Turns, Blind (Makes Opponent Miss Offensive Movement In A Pattern), Recovery (From Anything Or Healing (Recovery Symbol Is Accompanied By What It Recovers and Shows The Amount)

Front Of all Cards

Offensive And Defensive Modifiers: When there is an offensive or defensive modification there may be different moves instead of the usual moves (such as throws). Numbers on the defensive modifier cards show and in the defense section of all cards mean the amount subtracted from offense and vice versa for offensive modifiers.
Complex Moves: Complex moves may have more than one effect and effect the game with effects other than the usual and offend and/or defend (these are used with creatures and/or solo and only creatures can use it not materials.

Jouse! Planet

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I have finite interest and brain capacity

Welcome to BGDF!

This is a good place to garner feedback as you seek to make the world's second perfectly-balanced game. Posting your game concepts and rules is good idea; however, I am relatively average person (I hope) and I was unable to follow along with your first post.

If possible, I recommend prefacing a large chunk of text with some question or point that you'd like to have people answer or think about as they read through. For example, instead of just posting a wall of rules and unit abilities, you might ask the reader to think about what sort of feeling he or she feels while imagining playing the game, or some other kind of explicit question.

Also, the formatting of your post is not very pleasing to the eye, leading to me (and probably others) just skimming over most of it. If you think posting the entirety of your unit abilities (I think that what they are) is vital to your post, then perhaps you can produce a Word or Excel document, post it to an online site, and then share that link. It is just too hard to decipher where one idea stops and another begins. If you don't have the time or inclination to do that, then I recommend learning the markdown format or even just breaking up massive chunks of text into smaller, logically-related paragraphs via some line breaks (white space).

Good luck!

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thank you

thank you

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Gotta Add What the first suggestion was supposed to be

New Move Haze

think I might have chosen the wrong way to make the straight series but the additives in the series do save the weaknesses I think more aggressively for now.

My First Suggestion pattern was supposed to start from light and the skipping elements in the pattern fire, my second corrected where I did this wrong accidentally, My third stiks to where light started so starts at water for the elements on beat with the second element.

I apologize I do a few other things too

also as you can see this idea is developing.. if you would like to give me advice hit me on facebook

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werhner wrote:...This is a

werhner wrote:
...This is a good place to garner feedback as you seek to make the world's second perfectly-balanced game...

Yeah cause we all know the "Headbanger" is the one who designed the FIRST perfectly-balanced game! ;)

And you better remember:

-He's the only headbanger that gets more than One Woman.

-He's the only headbanger that gets to be in a Sorority.

-And he's the only headbanger that gets to be on The Side of Women.

Just wanted to clear this up with all the peeps! Word!


Note: with regards to the OP, I would suggest creating a BLOG so we can SLOWLY digest your material. Us average folk are not gifted with the same amount of brain power and attention spans. We can't read walls of text like super brainiacs can... Break it up into several posts and maybe we might be able to follow whatever it is you are trying to design...

Who knows - with a BLOG - maybe we'll actually follow your design blog!

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How do you prioritize and

How do you prioritize and stop repetition of moves? I don't understand correcting skipped elements, or did I misread that part?

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About my corrections

trying to delete any repetition and I also didn't notice light also just as dark did initialy

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Soulfingers comment: How do you priorities and...

Please clarify

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New move consume: gain stats

New move consume: gain stats or life after defeating opponent and ban card from battle.

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progress almost complete

Now fire has torment and i havent completed switching the map around. also suggestions complete.

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Easy to read

An easy to read document version of this is here:

Juise + three new games!

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