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Hi everyone. I'm new here. It looks like a serious board game designing forum.

I have already posted my game at Boardgamegeek if you want to read the full text.

I also created a game journal here at BGDF. basicly the same text.

That said I can give you a short summary of the game:

It's a strategy game set in a fictional medieval kingdom. The king and queen are murdered and you proclaim yourself new king (or queen). Together with your loyal knights you must defeat the other player who has done the same. You can win the game in two ways. defeating the other players or win by gaining 50 points of honor. This is made in various way but the knights has a vital part in it, duel each other.

You build the map with hexagonal tiles and wage war against each other.

There are three phases. Event phase (where event happens), economy phase (managing your economy) and strategy phase (where you fight battles etc).


The game revolves around the knights who leads your armies and duel each other. Think of King Arthur and the knights around the round table. It portray an romanticized picture of knights but with lots of humour and twists. I guess it's heavily inspired by how I see Ivanhoe, King arthur, knightly tales and some bits are even from Monthy
Python's holy grail.

With humour I mean it will be funny, and somewhat silly but not over exaggerated.

I have never really been outside my friends and family comfort zone showing other people my work. But I really believe in this game and hope other people will enjoy it as well.

It may not be much commenting on but comments are always welcomed :)

And pleas. Do read my longer post at Boardgamegeek if you want to read the full text.

I will try to update as soon as possible.

Currently I'm revising the rulebook since the last test play and I must say it really start to work really nice and hopefully I will continue with blind testing pretty soon.


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