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Renkula! - a connection game on top of a sphere

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Please have a look at our new two-player board game played on top of a geodesic sphere. Any comments are welcome! The spherical board is a bit hard to make, so we created a free windows program for it, including a computer opponent.

Renkula! webpage:

Tapani Raiko (and Jaakko Peltonen)

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An abstract game... with a

An abstract game... with a computer program with an AI... what's not to like?

Looks nifty! I'm going to fire this baby up as soon as I've got a free minute or two (and there's the rub...).

Willi B
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I cannot get the .exe file to open.

While I think the game is great in it's 3-dimensionality and has a great looking rulebook, it shouldn't be that big of a rulebook for something you can summarize in a few sentences. I suggest trying to come up with some sort of handicap for the red player and coming up with several variants/other games for the board as well.

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All in a Ball

A nice looking entry into the field of connection games. It looks fun


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thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments! Could you tell about the computer you are trying to run the .exe on? The most likely reason is that your video card does not support DirectX 9, sorry for the strict requirement.

Perhaps it is a good idea to put the actual rules on the cover of the rulebook or something.

A related game Hex has a handicap system where the second player to move can swap colours instead of making a move. That way, the first player balances the game by making a worse move (near a corner instead of the middle of the board). I guess in Renkula! this would simplify into forcing the first move to a pentagon in practice.

An obvious variant of the game is that stones are placed simply one at a time and any loop wins (like in Havannah). This variant lacks the elegant property that the main game has: one and only one of the players has a winning loop when the board is filled with stones. This variant might still be quite nice to play in practice. Unfortunately the same AI opponent cannot be used for this variant (because it is based on randomly filling the board with stones).

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