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Shapers V1.2

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Shapers is a tabletop RPG/War game, where you take control of one champion, a shapeshifter in an arena. As a player, the objective is to be the last one standing in the arena. You select the components of your shapeshifter by spending construction points, before the game begins. Once gameplay has begun, you try and kill other players, and loot their components in order to evolve and become a better gladiator.

There are a few 'classes' that are actually more types of character than anything you are specifically tied into. By stacking more pieces of the same type of character, you get special abilities, and cool downs.

As a character when you would normally die, you get an extra action, called "Beyond the Grave" that you can perform.

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New News?

Any updates on this? Have you moved forward with your design at all? Anything discovered in your recent playtests?

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