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Rise of the Exiled is live on Kickstarter

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Sample throw
Rise of the Exiled Banner

Rise of the Exiled is a fast-paced, family-friendly game for 2-12 players. While simple to learn and quick to complete, games are fun and competitive for all ages.

Learn more at our Kickstarter page:

In Rise of the Exiled, players split into two teams and each player chooses a character. Each character has a clear plastic playing card for a weapon. Players use these weapons to attack simultaneously by throwing the cards at opposing characters. Hitting a character with your weapon causes a hit, and damage is scored (1 for limbs, 2 for body or 3 damage for head shots). If a player accumulates 7 or more damage, he/she is eliminated. After attacking, each player moves one card length in any direction.
Play repeats until only one team remains. Last team standing, wins.

Each character in Rise of the Exiled has at least one ability to enhance their usefulness on the field of battle. For example, one character can "Blot our the Sky" twice per game to make all opponents attack with their eyes closed on their next attack.

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Good job getting funded so

Good job getting funded so fast!

Wondering where you got those hit point sliders. I couldn't even figure out how to ask the manufacturers for something like that (nor could I find it on alibaba), so went with health tokens instead.

Looks fun!

(also, welcome to the site ;) )

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Hit Point Sliders

Hi Jay103,

Thanks for the compliments.

We are going through LongPack ( And, they don't just offer the sliders that you saw on our page, they offer two types of sliders! We are actually thinking of upgrading to the other slider because it's thicker and doesn't bend the card.

I recommend you check them out (they are super fast to reply, unlike other manufacturers I've worked with in the past).

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Hmm I sent them a simple

Hmm I sent them a simple get-in-touch msg through their form six weeks ago. Got a generic “we’ll be in touch!” response and never heard again.

But thanks ;)

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In case you were wondering

@Jay: The Game Crafter (TGC) has these wonders for their designers:

I believe they come in 8 colors too! Search for "Clips" on TGC's website (parts/accessories).


Rick L
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Awesome game!

Rise of the Exiled is really fun - I got to play it several times at SaltCon! Looking forward to my copy!

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