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… and then, there was another lockdown.

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Greetings from Vienna to you all, and: Hello. My name is Zach(arias), a humble computer technician by trade, born somewhere around timestamp 305458000 (I guess that would be autumn of 1979), and, as it goes, another lockdown hit the city thanks to our all favorite 100% biodegradable virus. In whatever variant this time.

Being “key personnel” has advantages. Like having to go to the office even during the worst of lockdowns to hang around with other people of equally questionable choice of profession, and at some time, somehow, for some reason, we started to tinker with pen and paper (which are every computer technicians favorite, because, you know, those things have no software errors…), and as time passed – a game started to emerge.

None of us is a professional game designer in any way, shape or form, we are no marketing-guys either, and, to be honest, I think we just wanted to play a game that is a game for the sake of being a game – not to feed egos, not to “mack it bik on soshl meed-eeh-haw”, not to sell anything, least of all another useless ton of plastic … just a, as it turned out, strategy board game for the sake of being a strategy board game.

This started over a year ago. And that weird game started to be more and more enjoyable. Is it any good? I have no idea. Was it fun to design and do I enjoy documenting this way more than I probably should? Absolutely. However, it is well beyond the point that it should be published, for people who did not directly participate in its inception to be able to have a look at it if they want to. I figured BGDF would be a good forum for that.

best regards,

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Hello Zach...

Maybe it could be "nice" if you started a BLOG on about the game... Introducing us to the game (not necessarily a rules dump) the theme (or is abstract?) and maybe share with us the inspiration behind the theme... Go slow. We don't want to be overwhelmed with a rules document right away.

Share with us after the theme, the game's mechanics and how they interact with each other in your game... Because all Board & Card Games are usually broken down into a series of (usually) interconnected mechanics that are usually not novel but sometimes they are (like Dominion and the Deck-Building Mechanic) to see if you have something never seem before or is it a combination of Mechanics (that too is acceptable).

And then maybe talk afterwards about how your playtested the game and wrote the rulebook for the game... If AT THAT point in time, people are reacting to your BLOG and interacting with you... Maybe then you can SHARE a "rulebook" but before with the Mechanics and Theme you should be able to express what your game is all about.

Nobody really likes READING rulebooks. It's hard to convey all the information and usually there are questions about different aspects of the game that arise.

So definitely is a good place to SHARE with us your CREATION...

Just do it slowly and BLOG about it... And see what the other Game Designers think... Because after all we are the World's Largest website for Board & Card Game Designers. We all get along pretty well ... Because we mostly speak the same language and that is something very specific to "designing" Board & Card Games.

Welcome to and hope you will SHARE more with us this "game" you've been working on... What it is, how it came together, what are the mechanics, are there any similar games out-there, etc.

Cheers and take you time exploring your own project with us.

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Don't blog so much ... It'll overwhelm our members!

Just kidding... We get this regularly... Someone NEW comes along with an idea or something they've been working on for several days/months/years ... Posts about it and then ... DISAPPEARS!

Is this some kind of reverse OCD thing???

In any event, if you do read this... That means I'd be curious to hear some more about your "game idea" or "game concept", because I have NO CLUE about what is "Nine Points" is it an abstract games like go, checkers, chess, backgammon or is there some kind of theme connected (IDK ... My guess is that it is abstract... TBH)...

Don't be so shy and offer us some insight.

If you are paranoid about worrying that you want to protect your IP... Trust me nobody will care more. Everyone has their own projects, designs and ideas. We are already busy with working on those as opposed to "ultra secret" projects like your own...

Just a JOKE! Don't worry about sharing with the world YOUR concept. It's the best to accomplish knowing you're one of its "Designers".

This is the best place to discuss your design... Cheers!

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