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All the good salutations are taken....

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I actually joined as a proxy for my son. He is not quite 8 but is very interested in games. He has created a couple of games already, usually variation of existing games or a real-life version of a video game. Lately he has expressed some interest in being a game designer when he grows up.

I was hoping that someone in the community might be able to point me to some resources that would be appropriate for his age for him to pursue this interest.


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Mostly *indie* designers

drdec wrote:
Lately he has expressed some interest in being a game designer when he grows up.

Most people on this website are *indie* game designers. Some are self published using services such as POD (Print-On-Demand) from websites like Others have their games published by a publisher. This site covers all aspects of game design, from ideas (New game ideas section) to playtesting to publication...

Many will say that this passion is a *hobby* not a professional career. However it is not impossible for anyone to develop a game that become popular because it is fun to play and has some infectious qualities. With crowdfunding platforms such as "Kickstarter" ( interesting game ideas can get funding to help develop the game (take Serpent's Tongue as an example).

Your son may consider a career that is connected to game design such as an Animator (for Video Games). I know of one Animator who self-published his dice game and got picked up by a publisher who is now selling his game. Being part of a team can lead to input into a game's design (at least in the video game industry). Animation is good for movies or video games or even marketing (Advertisement). There are a lot of possibilities in that area... Obviously he would need to be educated in that field.

Anyhow that is a bunch of information you can check on your own...

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Check out this

Check out this site

He'll be designing games in no time.

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