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Another New Guy's Intro

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Joined: 12/12/2011

Hello all.
I've been designing stories and games for many years now and stumbled upon this site by lucky accident.
I've played many table top games, more than I'd like to remember/type out here.
I'm a huge fan of table top war games, card games, and board games in general.

Currently I'm working on a few game designs...

A tabletop skirmish war game involving both miniatures for summoned creatures, and cards for spells

A card game that has been inspired, rules-wise, by Magic, pokemon, magi-nation, and maplestory of all games.

A deck building game based on the Hunger Games books.

A Sci-Fantasy 'sorcery punk' setting in which you have 'mechs' that are designed with the same aesthetics as siege towers, catapults, and other sorts of medieval constructions. Just trying to figure out the right mechanics for these.

Anyway, I'll be posting more about my game designs when able, but here's for starters.

Have a great day!

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Joined: 12/20/2011

Hi NomadArtisan. I'm new to this site as well and I have a lot of the same interests as you. I have played magic, pokemon, magi-nation and many table top games. I'm impressed you can work on so many games at one time; tabletop, card, deck builder and a sci-fantasy.

I'm currently developing a table top rpg/pvp game with over 7920 different race/class combinations. All the classes and their skills are complete. There are only 6 races. I haven't posted the game on here yet because I just joined today but I will be. I can go on about this game but I wont lol.

I would like to see what you are working on and give advice. Over the years I have been developing games I have learned a lot on how to balance them, make them fun for both children and adults.

Lance - papastucker

Joined: 12/12/2011

I will definitely be posting some of my designs and ideas up here.
My problem is more that I can't seem to work on only one game at a time. I have a lot of mechanics and ideas that intrigue me so I work on all of them simultaneously (which has as many disadvantages if no more than it has advantages).

I read your post about the game you're working on. It sounds very interesting. I'll have to reply in your thread with some of the questions I have.

Currently my biggest design issue I'm working with is how to get combat/magic/activation systems working that can simultaneously represent sci-fi aspects alongside fantasy aspects without copying war machine. The added trouble here is that I recently seem to be fixated on the probability 2d6s provide. So I've been leaning towards a Mage Knight type combat system.
Anyway, I won't ramble on.


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Joined: 08/17/2011
Hey guys! Welcome to both of

Hey guys!

Welcome to both of you: you sound super cool and I think you two will fit right in here :)

Point 1 - Don't apologise for "rambling" or any of that rubbish. we are all here to talk and hepl eachother out - bgdf is not a quick snippet like forum - its for long flowing threads that have acres of tasty ideas in them, helping eachother out :) So that.

Secondly to both of you and I would insist you pass this on to all the other first timers/newbies you see games design is to show them this thread:
(its bgg, I havent got the old bgdf link when it was first written)

Has some brilliant ideas from all the pros from here and bgg about game design. Read it and print a copy out and keep it on your gaming table.

Nomad - I love your handle: very cool :) Nomad Artisan (teheehe!) also in creating so many games at the same time is both a blessing and a curse. It's very good to remain eclectic in your design which to me sounds like you have done perfectly. But it will be hard to really get into / complete 1 gaeme - remember that

Lance - I read here and over in bgg - don't worry about "secrecy" of your games man. Everyone thinks that to start off with. Long and short - at this level NO one is going to "steal" your ideas. If you were serious about it you could trademark something but that would tkae a lot of finance. You cannot patent a "game mechanic" either by the way - as said, realistically you will do yourself (much) more harm than good if you keep your game a secret. People try really really hard to get publishers interested in their fully functioning / perfectly balanced / amazingly illustarted games - so by that token, some publishers don't even want to use a fully working game let alone a first time unfinished attempt. If you get people talking about your game and the mechanics and all, you will do yourself a real favor :)

Tell us more details about the games!!!

Hope I've helped,


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