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Another noob joins the ranks!

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Joined: 01/11/2012

Hello all,

Just another new guy to the site. I’ve been designing games of all sorts since I was about 9 years old (21 now) just as a hobby. I started doing it just because I like the math and the organizing of charts and things like that. I’m no expert by any stretch, that’s for sure, so I welcome any criticism on anything I post.

I am currently working on a tabletop war game based on mechs fighting in an arena. The game is actually being designed for the Vassal Engine but all the same design rules apply. In this game, players can buy mechs and customize them with weapons and other equipment to alter their stats. I want the customizing to be very complex, but the gameplay to be quick, simulating a sort of Armored Core feel. So I’m trying to find a good balance of complexity and ease of play which has been a real puzzle so far. The game is still in very early development so if anyone is interested in joining in or just brainstorming they are more than welcome.

Anyways, like I said I’m no expert but I will be happy to help anywhere I can. I have skimmed through these boards many times and seen the amazing amount of information that is here. I’m glad to be a part of it and hope to contribute where I can.


Joined: 01/12/2012
Combat system brainstorm

Hi Nick,

I've never played Armored Core, but I came up with a rough idea for a combat system a while ago that might work with customized mech combat. Basically, take the silhouette of whatever the target is (in this case, an enemy mech) and overlay a grid of triangles over it. Each triangle corresponds to a specific part of the mech that you can target (eg. one for each shoulder, upper arm, forearm, lower torso etc.) The target area is a small grid of 4 triangles (like that Legend of Zelda icon) with the central triangle being the intended target. It can be oriented pointing either up or down depending on the orientation of the central target. When shooting, a die is rolled to determine which of the 4 triangles has been hit (or missed as the case may be). The type of die depends on any factors that might influence accuracy such as the accuracy of the weapon being used, the range at which you are firing and the number of actions being devoted to targeting. For example:

1D4: 1: hit center (25%)
2: miss left
3: miss right
4: miss up/down
1D6: 1 - 3: hit center (50%)
4: miss left
5: miss right
6: miss up/down
1D8: 1 - 5: hit center (63%)
6: miss left
7: miss right
8: miss up/down
1D12: 1 - 9: hit center (75%)
10: miss left
11: miss right
12: miss up/down
1D20: 1 - 17: hit center (85%)
18: miss left
19: miss right
20: miss up/down

I think this might work well with customized units if the weapons and upgrades were added to particular parts of the mech (hand-held, shoulder mount etc.) Depending on where you are trying to hit (what system you are trying to take out), the 3 misses might be nothing but air or they may be a different part of the mech that you weren't aiming for. For example, if you go for the sure thing and aim for the middle of the mech's torso, you will still hit something if you roll one of the misses, but it will probably be a heavily armored, non-critical part and will do little actual damage. A head shot on the other hand will do more critical damage if it hits, but miss left, right or up and your shot whizzes by harmlessly.

Depending on how complex you want to make it, you can have different targeting grids for the front, left side, right side and rear of each mech. The grids can also either be standard for all mechs or you can have different grids for different body types.

I've never tested any of this, so I'm not sure how well it would work in reality, but I hope it sparks something.

Good luck!

- Dan

Joined: 01/11/2012
Thank You

Thanks Dan,

That actually sounds like a really good idea. The only problem is im going for very quick turns to get the feel of fast paced mech combat. But i will definitely make a prototype of your idea and see if i can make it work quickly. Thanks for the idea!


Joined: 12/12/2011
Look at CAV and Heavy Gear

Look at CAV and Heavy Gear for fast play mech rules. They are both fun games and may give you inspiration.

Joined: 01/11/2012
i have the heavy gear arena

i have the heavy gear arena rulebook. The game is similar to that but i want much more in-depth customization outside of battle that becomes easy to read stats in battle. and im trying to find a good balance.

I will definitely have a look at CAV. Thanks again for your help!


Joined: 01/12/2012
When you get a chance to test

When you get a chance to test out that combat system, let me know how it goes. I'd be very interested in feedback.


- Dan

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