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Dangermoose's Introduction

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Joined: 01/18/2012

Hello, BGDF!

My name is Robert, and I have passionately been working on an abstract strategy non-collectible card/board game for over six years now, which I intend to launch on Kickstarter in March.

The game is called Serpent Stones, an interpretation of a game believed to have been played by the Aztecs some 600 years ago. I believe this is a completely unique game mechanic that requires no managing of any points or resources other than the cards in a player's hand. It is very easy to learn with a great balance of strategy, bluffing and luck. It plays about the speed of a typical dueling TCG game.

A question for the group I have is how important is game theme if you have a fun and addictive game mechanic?


Robert Harrington
Dangermoose Entertainment

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Joined: 08/17/2011
Heya Robert! Welcome to BGDF,

Heya Robert!

Welcome to BGDF, nice to have you here :)

Cool idea with serpant stones - well to be honest that is a theme in itself really " A reinterpretation of an old aztec game" - cool! That fills my "theme" box :) a bit like an aztec version of something like chess or go - doesnt really need a theme.

Also remember that "Abstract" is essentialy a theme ("Theme" the word, is so overused though, but its the best I have) in itself - blokus / jenga/ chess / go / drafts / lines of action / all of those really don't put you in the seat of say a jungle warrior , or a sci fi economics professor - they are just games.It sounds like yours, as it is going to be relatively simplified, it can just be sold as it is "a re0imagining of an aztec game" -- perhaps put some fancy bird face men Qu'Otak (or what have you) illustrations here and there on the back of the cards - but otherwise I think you are ok on this one :)

Now as far as "is theme important at all?" - yes. Yes it is as I have just mentioned "abstract" is essentially a theme - simple shapes / bright coloour / geometric patterns and all. But yes theme is always important. your top 10 games all have themes. Well thats my view anyway :)

Good luck Robert! Make sure you keep us updated,

hope ive helped,


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