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Finally posting!

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Joined: 10/01/2011

Hey everybody. I've had an account here for a little while but I'm finally finding the time to read and post a little bit!

My name is Cyrus, I live in the PNW on an island called Vashon in WA state. I'm a husband, father of one with another on the way, nerd of many varieties, and amateur game designer! I've been designing games since I was about 9 (20 years ago) without every producing anything or taking it past the playtest stage. Impressive, I know! Life has always found a way to mix things up in a way that has stopped me from finishing a game (or at least, that's my excuse) but I finally feel like I'm in a place in my life where I can see a game through (albeit slowly... see "father of one with another on the way")!

My current project is a card game BUT WAIT it is not a ccg or even a lcg. It is currently in the play testing phase. In short, it is a lane combat game with no draw decks, dice rolls, or other elements that add a "random factor." It is equally inspired by MOBAs and classic, "luckless" abstract strategy games like Chess and Go.

I look forward to sharing my design process with you all as well as meeting other designers and making new friends!

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Welcome! Looking forward to


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I produced a MOBA so will be interested how you translate the mechanics. :)

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