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Joined: 06/21/2015

I'm here to say my "hello world"!

So I come from Deal in South East England, and will soon be going to Portsmouth (hopefully) to start university. I am a bit of an upstart in board gaming being 18 years old and only have a few years under my belt but I have generated a plethora of games and even assisted in the creation of the obSESSION rpg system! Hopefully I can bring something new the field, and I seem to have a knack for developing relatively balanced games. My biggest concern is my age and experience, publishing a game is probably a long way off for me, despite the amount I have created.

My biggest and most persistent design is essentially a game that plays out at its base mechanics like XCOM with roleplay mechanics thrown in, its been very well received by both my younger and older playtest groups. Its likeness to XCOM has been a bit of a concern, though my most recent iteration added a new level of customisability and depth to the characters and roleplay mechanics.

My design of board games is really a hobby, it was under the pressure of my testers that they suggested that I should seek to try and publish at least one of my games. Perhaps those with a little more experience can help in the coming times, and perhaps I can provide a different angle on things!


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Hope you find what you're looking for at BGDF! You should be happy you are smoothing out all your design-crimps now, so that in a few more years you'll have the same experience as someone in their 50s.

You have links to any of your designs?

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