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Hi there.

im pretty new to the whole gamemaking thing, i have had alot of ides in my head and done major brainstorming, but never had done it on paper or prototypes.

Just resently i have gone the step further and done some work on my first real game.
Its a Strategy Card game, where you move your cards in a 7 by 5 field, using magic units and structure cards to get to your opponent side to deal 10 damage to a door and move a unit out the field on you opponent side.

The rules and gameplay is still in testing, but what i realy want feedback on is the card art, i have a channel on youtube were i put the making of the cards witch i make in Powerpoint(dont ask me to use photoshop, not instrested to change what im used with)

Manny thanks love Tr00ken
(im half dyxlecia so sry for bad spelling)

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Cart before the Horse

Imagine you have this fantastic game. So fantastic that you need great art for it so you spend weeks making the art.

You then play the game to find it is flawed, no so fantastic, in fact it is not working out at all like you had planned. To fix it you need to change the game drastically. So much so that your art no longer fits, either in theme of dimension. You have wasted all that time creating the card art for a game that could have been tested using stick figures or clip art.

What I’m saying is art should literally be your last concern. Work on the ‘Games Engine’ not its paint job. If you come out with a hot rod you can paint all the flames on it you want. If it’s a Junker all the paint in the world won’t fix it.

P.S. I’m Dyslexic/Dysgraphic and I have had several games published.
(There is always spell checkers)

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Card art

Hi Tr00ken,

I like the simple designs and colors on your cards. Overall, I thought the pictures were represetative of what the card name suggests (Temple of Sacrifice looks like a temple; Ruu looks like a wolf, etc.). The wolf on the Wolfmender card looked headless to me; perhaps the Wolfmender is re-attaching it? One of Ruu's legs (front, right side) looked like it might be attached to the left side of his body.

Interesting use of PowerPoint; I didn't realize it had that many graphic editing features.

I agree with Dralius that art should be a final concern and can usually be limited to clip art or text for prototypes; however, if the creation of the art helps keep the creativity flowing, then more power to you.

If you are interested in help with your rules / game engine, feel free to post them on the forum. There are many experienced people here that might have helpful advice.

Good luck with your design and welcome!

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