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Joined: 12/08/2015

Hello Designers,

I'm Jochen, and I registered here to chat about games in development and to get some feedback on a game I designed the last years.
Game design is a hobby in my case, not a profession, but I've learned a lot of additional things in the process (drawing, using photoshop, cutting videos) I can use for my work (I'm a teacher - not for English obviously ;)).

See you around!

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Welcome ChordCommander.

let-off studios
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Welcome, Chordcommander...!

I'd be interested in seeing games designed by teachers. Game design is currently "just a hobby" for me, also. I'm always wondering how to integrate more gameplay into the lessons I develop for my day job as well, so most of what I see here is very interesting and keeps me motivated to pursue game-making (either on the job or strictly for fun).

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