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Greetings from Poland!

I've been playing board and CCG games for pretty much all my life and finally took a plunge and decided to realize my ambition to start releasing my own games. Looking forward to hear some great comments from you and hopefully give you some of my insight as well.


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Hi veyDer!

Welcome to BGDF. I'm new here too, but the folks here seem pretty decent types. :)

What sort of games do you want to create? Have you made any (or started) yet?

Joined: 01/19/2016
As a CCG-maniac (I've played

As a CCG-maniac (I've played 15+ CCGs and by "playing" I mean "owning a huge box of cards" ;-) ) I'll probably go in that direction, although I have a few prototypes that would be stand-alone games:

1. A game focusing on re-writing the history by claiming historical events (that would probably be a CCG)
2. A game in which you have a RPG-like "character sheet" (you assign the points before the game) and you maximize the dice pools - I know that the description sounds really bizarre but it's actually a really fun game with lots of dice rolling :) If you ever played World of Darkness RPG, you would instantly get the idea of this game
3. A WW2 card game (think: "Hearts of Iron II/III")
4. A Munchkin-like game where you create weird Steampunk devices
5. A series of city-management games where each edition is based on a different real city (with current satellite maps as the backgrounds of the game boards)
6. A game in which you combine "rune" cards in order to cast spells / create magic items (with a lot of multi-level combinations between the runes)

These are the most advanced game ideas I have, there are also lots of broad general ideas but they're still far away from the prototype stage.

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Welcome, veyDer

Welcome to BGDF, veyDer, and hey congrats on devoting yourself to your ideas. I particularly like the one about combining rune cards to cast spells. That idea really caught my attention, and best of luck in your creation!

I'm like you, just a big board and card game fan who's been dabbling a little in pitching a new idea or two as ideas and prototypes develop. Just wanted to say hi and hope that the new year treats you well. It sounds like you've already got some interesting concepts ready to be explored.


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