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Joined: 02/27/2016

I am retired printer who has spent the last two years developing a risk
risk strategy trading game using simultaneous action mechanics of
sealed-bid auctions to trade. Main aim is to develop a game of equal opportunity (with no dice) for 3 - 5 players where they are masters of
their own destiny to a large extent in fast moving 60 - 90 minute game.

Probably a little out of my depth here with no previous game design experience and this is likely to be the one and only game development I
will ever complete. Wish I had found design forum like this sooner as development is now almost complete. But better late than never,
maybe the finishing design touches can be improved.

Thank you for having me on board,


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Joined: 12/11/2015

Auctions are really interesting mechanisms to work with and can result in pretty much self-balancing games, though I think they can often be problematic for new players. I look forward to seeing what you are doing. Will you be sharing what you have so far?

When you say "risk strategy trading game", do you mean something based on Risk, or something else?

Good luck!


Joined: 02/27/2016
risk strategy

Thank you for the welcome and enquiry Rob

I would be more than happy to share the general concepts of game with members of BGDF....that is why I joined here. However, I notice that
no login is required for access to this area. Other than yourself, my
first post appears to have received lots of anonymous views within
hours. Is there anywhere on this site that discussion is open only to
registered members ?

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Joined: 12/11/2015

I'm still fairly new here myself and I don't know all the wrinkles of the site, but I am not aware of a "secret" area for members only access.

What some people do is discuss their games in general terms and get people to request copies of the rules and materials that can then be PMed or emailed to keep them out of "public" view.

However, I am of the opinion that it is in my best interests to share openly, and this seems to be the predominant advice here, on other forums, and handed out on blogs, podcasts and so on. Only you can decide how protective you need to be about your work, but it seems that the chances of an incomplete and unpublished game being "stolen" are vanishingly small -- there are probably thousands of game designers out there, almost all of whom have more ideas than they know what to do with, and many are trying their best to catch the attention of a publisher, so nobody really has the time, money or inclination to steal an unproven design.

Once a game is published, though, others might "steal" parts (or all) of it to build into something new, but by then you will have got your credit for your creation and you'll be working on something new.

If you share more freely during the game creation you should be able to get more feedback and help to make your game the best it can be, plus you may be able to start building a community of players who can help your game become a proper success.

Anyway, apologies for being a bit "preachy". Best of luck with your game, whatever you decide to do, and I look forward to hearing more as and when.

Joined: 02/27/2016

SECRECY is a login password I like to keep to secret
PRIVACY is a discussion I like to share with private
But I now understand that privacy is not possible on this forum -
and thank you for the explanation to this naive developer.

So,a bit like Fagan in Oliver Twist "I am reviewing the situation
....and will have to think it out again"
Will probably go to one of the bigger conventions and bare my soul
there to see what happens. The game is basically well tested and
completed but requires packaging design mainly at this point.

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Joined: 12/11/2015
Good point!

Very good distinction between secrecy and privacy and point well made. :)

We all have to decide how openly we want to share our work.

Good luck at conventions.

I assume then that you are planning on some form of self-publishing?

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Joined: 10/28/2013
Get to know the people here.

Get to know the people here. After a while. You know who are the people to ask and share with.

Personal Messages are there to help you with "privacy".

What you posted first on this topic is something that I experienced as well. And be warned. I completely changed a big part of my game after attending these forums.
Things I never would have thought of changing.


Joined: 02/27/2016

Thanks for the encouragement

Definitely self-publishing because it is the one and only game I will
ever produce - and the long journey must be finished, regardless of
the end result. Also, it's more about keeping our independence than
losing a percentage of our work I think.

Kickstarter, obviously, must be an option going forward but it seems
all the ducks (and geese) would need to be very precisely lined up
before going down that particular road. Also, I find the concept of
success or failure all squeezed into one month a little scary, where
under-funding results in failure and over-funding could be an even
bigger problem !

In the meantime, apart from conventions, the other idea I have is to
produce initial loss-making 100 game boxes and try to flog them on
Amazon. Even if only a few sold that would be ok as I am in no
particular hurry and it would give more time for improvement without
being pressurised. Have not seen this mentioned, I'm
obviously missing some problems in this course of action ??

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I don't think I will ever

I don't think I will ever publish my game (for money). I have turned it into a hobby for a few select friends. Sometimes some one joins in to experience this abomination of mine.

Depending on your social and work life. It is not uncommon to work for years on a project. It might evolve beyond what you can imagine too. And you might be making very harsh decisions on changing the game. (Even now)

However, I encourage everyone to give it a try to publish their game. But whenever you feel ready.

...Give it a week rest...

Then rethink every thing through. You will see how problematic it can be/feel if you don't get a helping hand in the matter. This, regarding the game design, AND the publishing.

This is only based on my personal experience though.

Joined: 02/27/2016
getting to know people

Thanks for the welcome from a 'veteran' like you - and you're right,
I must improve my social interaction skills and get to know people
here. Good to know also that 'personal messages' have some privacy
which I was unaware of.

Regarding game design changes, up to now, all of my design feedback
has come from 'forced labor' play-testing by family and friends
including siblings, grown-up children, nephews, nieces.. and their
friends again. Every play-test has resulted in sleepless night but a
fresh design next morning. However, I know the real test must be
outside that small circle and I will endeavour to do that now.

I have looked at your new card game project 'Shapeshifters' and
amazed how totally different we are in game ideas....but see equally
that you must have put a huge amount of effort into it.

Joined: 02/27/2016
winning and losing

Every game from Chess to Snakes and Ladders is about winning and
losing. Without the competitive element there would be no fun and
games. They say everyone has the makings of a good book inside
them and, equally I think,it's possible we all have a good game.
Making and playing a competitive game together plus spending
endless hours to improve it is at the heart of our endeavour, I
agree, and not money.

However, in the real world, for me at least, it's also about
winning and losing...or rather, profit and loss. My pension can
only develop a game so far and I am not happy to stop there. To
improve a game further I think, even with crowd-funding, in 99%
of attempts it's more about covering losses than dreaming about
that nasty word, Profit.

Hopefully, at least, we can agree to disagree

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Joined: 10/28/2013
Ginley wrote:Thanks for the

Ginley wrote:
Thanks for the welcome from a 'veteran' like you

I am not a veteran. More like a fanatic.

Ginley wrote:

I have looked at your new card game project 'Shapeshifters'

Getting the feeling, you aren't talking to me.

Joined: 02/27/2016

Your'e right....I must learn to listen more

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