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Joined: 06/09/2017

Hello. I'm Wob, from Cornwall. I am making my first game and thought I would join this site to get help and ideas. My game is a sort of solitaire dungeon crawl thing. Basically you start with a certain amount of HP and attack power and work your way through a dungeon ( a deck of cards) each card is either equipment or a monster to fight. Each card has a value (ie gold for equipment or attack points for monsters) and an effect ( is discard this card +1 attack). If its a monster you either fight it to gain its effect or run away and loose HP. The game is a little more complex than this but not much. At some point you will either run out of cards ( well done you completed the game) or you run out of HP ( sorry you died) count up the card values in your victory pile. The shuffle the deck and try to beat your score.

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Welcome & good luck. I am interested to hopefully hear more, especially how health & whatnot is tracked.

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