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Hello! (Again)

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Joined: 05/04/2016

Hey everyone!

I made an account on here about a year ago, then fell away from social media entirely for a long time... but I'm back! I mostly just want to say hey and get myself more involved in the community.

In my hermit-ness, I've been working on a 2 player game called Fate and Force, which I feel is ready for blind play testing (scary!), but I've been having a snag up with writing the rule book. Turns out, I'm not so good at that. So if anyone has any resources, tips, or tricks in that department, I'd super appreciate the help!

Also, if anyone has a game they need play tested, I'd love to help out! I could certainly learn a thing or two about play testing and rule books that way.

I'm excited to get to know everyone!

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Joined: 04/23/2017
Hey Everyone

Hello and welcome (back) to the forum! Hope you find what you need here- this is the place to go for information for sure. I would love to test your game (do you have a print and play?) but we are a bit swamped with some reviews of our own, as well as working on our own game. Maybe in a few weeks I can take a look :) If you are interested in play-testing, though, we have a print and play of our own game you can look into. It's not the best rulebook, but maybe it will spark some thought.



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To start your rule book,

To start your rule book, record yourself explaining it to a new person. Take extra note of any questions they have. Type up your explanation, then find your favorite rule book from another game and roughly follow the same flow.

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Rulebook format

If you're having problems ordering your rulebook, here is a sample:

  • Table of Contents (Could also be at the end of the rulebook)
  • Introduction (An introduction about your game)
  • Game Components (A complete view of all the game components)
  • Overview (Ages, Players and Time)
  • Setup/Game Layout
  • Victory condition(s)
  • Game Play (Turn order, sequence, steps, etc.)
  • Other terms (additional concepts in your game)
  • Combat (If there is a sparring mechanic)
  • Housekeeping/End of turn
  • Credits

That roughly sums it up... Check out other rulebooks for formats similar to this one. Good luck with your game!


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An offer

I'd be happy to write a rulebook for you. I'd like to practice writing more rulebooks because it's actually something I really enjoy (weird, I know). Shoot me the information you DO have via a private message (line a link to a google doc or something), and I'll whip something up for you.

I hear that there are folks who actually make a living just writing rulebooks... maybe I should look into that as a side gig (grad school doesn't pay much...)

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Joined: 05/04/2016
Thanks for the tips,

Thanks for the tips, everyone! I started off modeling after another rule book, and that's worked well for formatting. Recording yourself explaining the rules to someone new is a great idea. I'm mostly concerned that I'm missing simple rules that I just mentally gloss over because I've played the game so much, and I think recording myself saying all the rules will get that out!

@MAR - I'll send you a PnP and rules once I have it ready to go! Also, I really like the D4 mechanic in your game. I'll have to give it a go when I get a bigger gaming group together (usually just have 2 or 3 players).

@ruy343 - I'll get it up on a Google Docs and PM it your way! Also, The Board Game Design Lab has an interview with a guy who talks about writing rule books as a side gig/full time job. Check it out if you haven't already!

Joined: 07/03/2013

I'm excited to get those from you and get started.

The podcast you mentioned is how I got the idea that there is a niche that I might be able to fill. I've taken a look at a number of peoples' rulebooks on here, and people always feel like I provide good insights. I just sort of realized that I could actually do this as a side-gig in my copious spare time (I'm a grad student/father, but I get a few hours here and there). I need to do some more work for free writing rulebooks and critiquing peoples' games and then, if people like it, I can provide it as a paid service (for multiple drafts, writing with a deadline, etc.).

It's better than selling plasma for a side income for board games :)

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