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Hello all

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Hello everyone!

i would like to introduce myself as new to this world. I have been designing games for about one year and i have a Fantasy Football Legends Board game / TCG that has been extensively play tested. i have a Fantasy Baseball game that is being tested now, fantasy UFC, NASCAR, Soccer, boxing and Basketball in development. In addition I have 2 TCG games i am working on along the lines of MAGIC or Pokemon but with different themes. All my games revolve around the P3ERC Gaming System which i developed as a way to play with some old baseball cards my son had. The P3ERC system is fun to play with, kids love the mechanics, they love the interactivity of it, the true to life combo of strategy and randomization. I am looking For Help taking my idea to market.... I was thinking of licensing out my games / System to a company like topps, leaf, fleer or similar.. or maybe some company that can publish my game. if you have any pointers please send me a line. thank you for your help in advance!

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Hello and welcome, P3ERC!

Hello and welcome, P3ERC! :)

Your trading card system sounds really interesting, particularly since you've been able to apply it to so many different sports. Hope you do pick up a licensing deal or two with it.

Best of success to you in 2016 and beyond...!

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