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Hello, everyone!

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Joined: 11/02/2016

Hi, everybody! I'm Rob Cramer, and I'm happy to be here!

I grew up playing board games, but I didn't consider it to be my hobby until I played Coloretto a few years ago. That simple game introduced me to the greater world of modern board games and it has been amazing learning and playing so many new games. I never thought I would go to the design side of board games until Greater Than Games announced a design contest for dexterity games. My wife was working last summer in Switzerland for 2 1/2 months and I needed something to occupy my free time, so that's how I made Pizza Pronto, my first game. My second design, Turbo Drift, was for the Button Shy Wallet Game contest (18 card game, nothing else), and Button Shy is publishing it next year. I have a couple more games cooking, but nothing too solid.

I have been mainly designing for contests, not really to pitch my game to other publishers. I don't have the time to attend lots of conventions, so contests are perfect since they usually don't happen in person. It's a fun challenge and it definitely keeps my mind active. If you know of any design contests I should look into, let me know!

I'm looking forward to diving into learning more about design and what to do with the garbage games that come out of my brain. Have a great day!

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Great evening RobtheCramer

Every month here on you can participate in the game design challenge. Members here give it their shot to get gold medals in these challenges. Before the challenge is giving, there will be a design post challenge how what the topic is for the challenge, rules to abide and how long the game shall be or what have ya. I personally never have taken any of these challenges, but a lot of the members do.

These challenges not only challenges the designer but also the other designers that have not thought of that particular design before. So every one helps out everyone.

For the garbage games:
Don't through those old garbage games out. Keep them for another day or month or year or even years. Those garbage game ideas can actually be put into other new ideas, concepts or suggestions to your big brand new ideas of a game or story or comic or manuscript or what have ya.

Or ask here on the forums about one of your game ideas. Maybe one of us can help you solve the problem of that game design or card lay out or board design. The help around here is genius.

Welcome to bgdf.


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Game Design Showdown (Monthly)

The Monthly GDS ran by Rich and Winston might interest you... Every month there is a contest with a set of preset rules such as mechanical restrictions, component usage, etc. And designers are expected to vote for entries and see who is the month's winner.

And as a personal welcome, we'll you should be "lucky" that your design skills work this way. Personally I design from a theme or idea - so it's harder to participate in contests - because you need to develop according to the prescribed formula - and my design skills don't work like that.

Mine rely more on creativity and whatever inspiration I get...

Anyhow feel free to take a look around. Read some threads, get acquainted with some of our members and do post your thoughts, comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc.

Don't be shy about starting your own threads either... Usually newbies to the forum are looking for specific help on one of their game design ideas.

Bottom line welcome!

Joined: 11/02/2016
@Stormyknight1976 I should


I should make a vault to keep all of my archived ideas, just so I don't lose track of them. I agree that I shouldn't throw them out entirely, plus it's fun to see how much I've changed as time goes on. I'm definitely going to check out the contests here!


I would love to design a game starting from a pure idea without having a starting prompt for it, but I worry how out of control it would get. Contests feel like bowling with the bumpers on, they keep me focused. I'm definitely going to be posting here with some issues I have, and I look forward to hearing feedback from you all! And I'm definitely going to try and help out others where I can.

Thanks both of you for the warm welcome!

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