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My name is Richard Vaught, but I go by Tony. I am a Game Design Major at UAT. My main focus is on the video game industry, but I have recently branched out my interest to include board game design, both as a goal itself and as a means of rapid prototyping digital designs.

I only have one completed board game design at the moment, called Edge of Madness. It is a combination card and board game that combines a two party faction vs faction and 6 player vs player mechanics in such a way as to encourage both team work and competition within a single game. The gameplay is driven by a mechanic we call Fateful Moments, which provides a sort of mandatory quest scheme for the players. Anywho.. that is about it for me at the moment. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and seeing what happening.


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More details?

Welcome fellow game designer!
Would you be willing to post a more detailed description of your concept?
We are all here to help brain-storm and not back-stab!

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Edge of Madness

The prototype that I am currently working on is called Edge of Madness. The artistic/narative theme for the game is set in a fictional realm at the cusp between the age of magic and the age of technology. Two main factions, representing the old and the new, run the capital city and hold the majority of power: The Magica Imperium and the Technocrats. The art style is Victorian steampunk. Each player gets a character card that details a brief history as well as what faction and abilities the character has which can range from repairing items, increased movement rates, or using the games travel systems from free.

Gameplay involves moving the players tokens around the board fulfilling 'Fateful Moments', or small turn-timed quests presented randomly in card form. The Fateful Moments can be comprised of anything from a simple delivery between two points on the board to hindering the opposition through use of items to self-sacrifice or helping the enemy.

Component wise, it consists of the board, a three 60 card decks for Items, Actions, and Fateful Moments, 2d6 and 2d10, plus tokens for come of the more proliferate items in the game such as healing potions and airship tickets.

The goal of the game actually depends on the number of players and which factions they choose, but mainly revolve around the accumulation of Fate Points which are awarded/lost through the completion/failure of Fateful Moments.

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