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Hello from Jimmy

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Jimmy Moore
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My name is Jimmy Moore. I am the Chief Communications Officer for Cleverhouse Games and Toys LLC. Our business opened in October of 2011 and we have created three products to date. Chess King, a perpetual board game that marries the strategic principles of chess and the intellectual challenges of solving a puzzle game, a Chess King Curriculum that works in harmony with our board game and features five components of learning, Mathematics, Strategy, Discipline, Sportsmanship, and Nutrition. This eduactional tool can be utilized in any classroom enviornment to increase the cognitive development of students and adults of all ages, educational levels and demographic backgrounds. Finally, our Chess King Master One game, the computer application of our board game, which has eight levels of game play. Chess King Master One is presently in the review stage in the IOS Apple Store and is expected to be approved for release any day now.

We are embarking on creating an aggressive marketing plan for our Chess King board game and curriculum. We sincerely hope that the partnerships that we develop through the Board Game Designers Forum may assist us in acquiring valuable research information and advice in the completion of that project, as well as keep us on the cutting edge of the Board Game industry as our company continues to grow. We look forward to developing productive and lasting partnerships.


Zodiak Team
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Sounds great! Welcome to the

Sounds great! Welcome to the forum.

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