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Hello from Orygun

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Hello all,

i am new to this forum and also new to designing games in general. i have a game that i have been working off and on over the last few years and i am in a working on phase currently. the game is call Origin and it combines several aspects of games i have liked over the years, notably settlers of catan, axis and allies, monopoly, and magic the gathering.

my goal is to create a game that is different every time it is played, and that different types of players can play and win the game with different methods. the game can be won with brute force, but the strongest player may not actually win the game. another goal is to be able to disable or leave out certain portions of the game in order to simplify the game for time or age reasons and still have a function game that is fun. i have small children (ages 3y, 2y, and 1y) that i would like to be able to have fun with this game in a few more years.

a fear i have is that the game may be too long for some tastes ( like long epic games) and so i would like recommendations for what to cut out for shorter versions of the game.

i am open to any suggestions and would love any feedback. if anyone is willing to help i can post more info.

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Two Cents

Without more detail, my only suggestion would be to cull segments or sub-campaigns of the game into "scenarios" where players might experiment with shorter-term strategies or different tactics. In effect, these would be the "tutorials" players use to prepare for a "complete" game.

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