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Hello from Plunk

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Joined: 12/12/2010

Howdy everyone!

I'd like to reintroduce myself, I'm Plunk, I've been inactive for a long while because I've been hard at work. I've come into some downtime between careers and I've decided to put my shiny new MBA to work by launching my board game idea:

Evil Spares None - A 2-4 player Cooperative Survival board game based on slasher movies. Players control sexy, foolish teenagers as they try to figure out who, or what, is the psychopath chasing them.

I've been working on it for about 2 years, I've been vigorously playtesting it, and I plan on launching a kickstarter at the end of the month. I'll discuss the game more in another forum.


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Joined: 07/20/2012
Welcome back

Welcome back!

The game idea and the looks of it looks something I'm interested to try and possibly to buy it :)

Joined: 04/08/2012
Evil Spares None

Your game design sounds very cool. Love slasher movies. Would like try to play this game when I get the chance.

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