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Hello from Poland

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Joined: 05/29/2017

Hi all,

I'm at the beginning of my full-time game design and of course huge fan of board and tabletop games.

With my friend and business partner we are working on two titles, strategic broad game which can be played in tabletop miniatures game and semi cooperative board game. Both are during test, graphic design and searching for publisher/investor.

Hopefully I can find knowledge, advice and words of courage here and also be helpful for others :)

Except, of course, ideas, rules sets and so one, my area of expertise is 2d/3d graphic design and programming.

Many thanks and fruitful discussions,

let-off studios
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Hello and welcome, Marek!

There's plenty of advice, support, and guidance to be picked-up while you're here. Make the most of it, and please share what you can of your designs so others can see your success. :)

Joined: 05/18/2017
Good Luck

Sounds awesome. Best of luck on your venture.

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