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Hello from the UK

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Joined: 04/30/2017

Hi fellow gamers,
I thought I ought to introduce myself after lurking for a little bit. I have played games since about age 10(ish), starting with the likes of Axis & Allies and HeroQuest. Later moved onto AD&D and from there to wargaming - which I've dropped and returned to a number of times over the years. Mainly GW but also Rackham's Confrontation which was Awesome at it's zenith. Meanwhile I've also played a bit of MTG, mainly Scars through to Theros but a little either side as well.

My current passion is board games, having been introduced to Agricola and Ticket to Ride a few years ago and steadily growing a collection since then. Recently backed a number of Kickstarters, both large and small. It is so easy to spend hundreds on them, as I have found out!

Most relevant, I have a number of ideas that I'd like to expand on, hence joining BGDF :)

I think a good first step to the world of game design will be to playtest and talk to designers, so I'm off to UK Games Expo next month. Perhaps I'll speak to some of you there :)

Happy gaming,

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Joined: 12/11/2015

Hi Chris! Welcome aboard. I'm also from the UK, and there are a few others active here too.

Hopefully I'll bump into you at UKGE. I'll be spending a fair bit of the weekend at the Playtest Zone, some of it wearing the Red Shirt Of Doom. (I'm just *A* Rob, by the way, but I'm taller than *THE* Rob who runs playtest UK.)

Good luck with your projects.


Adam Leamey
Joined: 02/23/2017
I'm also fro the uk and going

I'm also fro the uk and going to the expo hopefully will see you around welcome to the forum.

Joined: 01/28/2017
also from the UK - come by

also from the UK - come by our stand at UKGE and say hi

we are Motley Sprue, up in the corner near Konami


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Joined: 04/30/2017
Thanks guys, Rob, I'll

Thanks guys,
Rob, I'll certainly find time to visit the playtest zone.
Andy, I'll drop by motley sprue as well, I like the sound of Potteries.

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