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Hey All!

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Joined: 04/24/2013

Hello BDGF!

I've been over on BGG hanging around the game design forums there for a couple of years now and I've been lurking here for almost as long. I finally decided to split my time over two domains, and have finally taken the BGDF plunge!

I design games for Print 'n' Play, and I consider game design a hobby.

If you're curious about some of what I have done you can check out my BGG designer page:

As for non-game-design-related facts, I am a 1st year Ph.D studying Philosophy (of Science). In the summer I play paintball, I am seriously considering taking up violin (and maybe pole dancing with my wife if we can find a school that will admit men) and I have an orange belt in Judo and intend to get my black someday!


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Joined: 03/30/2013

You've got quite a variety of featureful things!

Official welcome from a newer member! I hope you enjoy your stay just as much as you enjoyed lurking, hehe.

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