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Hey there, strangers!

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Alex Swingle
Joined: 06/06/2012

My name is Alex Swingle and I am from the state of Oregon. I registered here because I was interested in learning more about publishing my own work and how to optimize my print runs for the consumer, in terms of cost.

I have little experience with designing games and so far the 3 games I have ready for format/print seem great in front of my playtesters. I mainly design tabletop RPGs, but board games are certainly a possibility I want to get into.

I came here via the Purple Pawn and look forward to both giving and receiving advice in this community.

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Joined: 07/26/2008
Greetings Alex There are a

Greetings Alex

There are a few publishers that frequent these forums that may help you get off on the right foot. I have done self publishing in the past and found that the minutia of business is quite boring. I prefer to design and let someone else take care of the business details. Even so I have been considering self publishing once again because there is more money in it.

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