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Hi, My name is Julija Petkus and I'm a 21 year old college student. I have been working on a game design for awhile now that I think is pretty neat. It is toeing the line between a family game and a more serious game at this point and i was wondering if i could get feedback on my idea and stuff. I'm not sure where to post it, so if someone could tell me that'd be awesome. I'm a creative writing major and I have always leaned more towards game writing. I have worked with fantasy flight games on their role playing books but i have always wanted to write board games. I definitely will try and join in on the GDS but like i said I'm new and so am just getting my feet wet.

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Heya Julija! Pleasure to meet

Heya Julija!

Pleasure to meet you, looks like you have come to the right place!

Excellent, so its in between family and serious game - have you got an idea of which way you want it to go?

If you would like to post your rules for some feedback there are a multitude of ways you can do it:

1. Slap the rules down here in a single post
2. Link here to your rules if they are in a doc or pdf form or something
3. Create a google doc of your rules and let us know where it is :)

Looking forward to hear more about your game julija!

Speak soon buddy


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game idea

i just posted my game idea on the forum its called modular board game with interesting player dynamic. if you could give me some more feedback that would be great. :)

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