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Hi Everyone

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Joined: 05/25/2017

Hi All

I'm Jim. I'm from the UK. After listening to the Board game design lab podcasts I have been inspired to join in the community.

I'm very new to Board game design and board games in general. Although I have played a large amount of Strategy video games.

I really like the Euro Style games as I play mostly with my partner and I don't really like beating her up, although she gets a kick out of whooping me!

I'm currently working on a design entry for Manhattan Dice project and have a few more ideas in the works.

Mostly toying with Dice drafting as a mechanic as I cant find too many games that utilise this mechanic and do it really well.


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Welcome Jim!

Welcome aboard, I think you're wise to be starting out with something relatively small like this dice contest, so you don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much (something I am frequently guilty of).

There's a fair few other Brits on here including me. Good luck with the Manhattan Project contest!

let-off studios
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Hello & Welcome

Hello Jim! You're in good company here. :)

I've also been intrigued by dice, and how to create compelling games with them. If you're interested in learning more, then I suggest you try to track down a copy of Reiner Knizia's Dice Games Properly Explained. He goes to great lengths in that book to provide lots of rules for dice games of various kinds, and spends a fair amount of time explaining concepts of probability and risk. I've found it entertaining and invaluable as a tool and reference.

Have fun with your design projects, and best of success to you! :D

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Hi Jim, welcome! Look forward

Hi Jim, welcome! Look forward to seeing your designs!

Adam Leamey
Joined: 02/23/2017
Welcome Jim as a fellow uk

Welcome Jim as a fellow uk designer look forward to seeing your games welcome to the forum.

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Hello, fellow Brit! There certainly seem to be more and more of us turning up here. :)

Will you be at the UK Games Expo this coming weekend? The Playtest Zone is quite a cool feature -- and it looks like this year there will be "drop-in" tables so even if you haven't booked in advance, you may be able to grab a space to test your prototype.

Joined: 05/25/2017
I will be at UKGE thus

I will be at UKGE thus weekend really looking forward to it. Not too sure if it will be ready to test out but I will be working away to try and get it ready!

Hope to see you there!


Adam Leamey
Joined: 02/23/2017
Ill be at the expo I have

Ill be at the expo I have booked a slot to test my prototype hope to see you guys around

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More UK people!

If you are at the expo this weekend, come say hi!

Before 1pm each day, find me demoing a (soon to be announced) game of mine at the Spiral Galaxy Games (Stand T8, across from Queen Games and Days of Wonder). It's right near the entrance!

After 1PM each day, find me playtesting and volunteering with Playtest UK (Stand H40 across from Open Gaming).

I'll be the obnoxious American in a sea of Brits.

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