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Hi, I’m Snorka!

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Snorka’s Board Games
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Joined: 10/09/2019

Hi, I’m Snorka! I’m just getting started on this whole game design thing, and I’ve started a YouTube channel to document my growth.(it’s called Snorka’s Board Games.) I have so many ideas, but I keep making prototypes and playtesting. My only *serious* ideas are the Shipping Game and Island Marines, the ones on Snorka’s Board Games so far. Still, I have an Egyptian pyramid building game, an ECG, a combat deckbuilder, a camping themed dexterity game, and an ant-themed wargame on the back burner. Also, I’m a bit of a grammar geek and I love parentheses(but I probably use them too much :-)) Board games are my biggest hobby by far, but I definitely fit into the overall “geek” category. This forum seems like such a great place to get honest, yet constructive feedback, so I hope to see you all soon and be as helpful as I can!

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Welcome to BGDF...

Feel free to read the threads from other Designers and get involved. At the same time feel free to bring up questions or feedback for your own existing (or future) designs.

Most new members have a tendency of "talking about themselves and THEIR designs". It's nice to see NEW member participate in the existing discussions because usually a fresh viewpoint brings to light another angle!

So feel free to post about YOUR games... and maybe find a thread or two and join in the conversation.

Enjoy your stay at BGDF!

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