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I think I'm in the right place...

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Totally T-Rex
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Hi there,

M'names William Kraus and oddly enough I have found myself making board games. I know I have been already been a member for a few weeks..... or 36...... but i figured it's time to shake the fear, get out of the fetal position and step out of the shadows and start sharing my ideas with the world..

I have a couple games I have been working on. Well one is completed and it's called Palisade. A Simple abstract strategy game made up of up-right rectangles and player pieces that oddly resemble the claws of crabs..... It was a happy accident.

The other game that I am developing over the past year and a half is going by the code name of “Spookies”. It is a.... well I don't know what hell it's categorized as but It is a fun filled Capitalistic romp that sends you and three of your best friends or members of your family or complete strangers on a mission to summon and capture ghosts in jars. All for the sake of profit!

I figured to say hello and give you fair warning that your forums will probably be bombarded by my panic fueled questions about every aspect of the board game industry. I am very thankful that this site exists and pretty much open to accepting anyone who registers. Thank you very much for that.

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Catching Ghosts in jars, your

Catching Ghosts in jars, you’re in the right place!

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