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Introducing: The Chaz

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The Chaz
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Joined: 11/20/2012

My story has a lot in common with other introductions that I've seen, so I'll skip to the fun/possibly unique parts.

1. I play ultimate (frisbee). My body type somewhat dictates that I "handle" mostly. Any other disc-lovers out there? There's also a bit of musical activity, as I'm competent on most instruments that would be in a modern rock band.

2. My first game is - from what I can tell - near the developmental stage wherein designers either create a Kickstarter campaign or sell to a publisher. AEG Games (my only appointment that weekend) seemed to like the game during the demo I gave at BGG-CON a few weeks ago.
A public beta is coming soon - basically once the artist can implement all the pedagogical elements of the rulebook that I'm insisting on, we can make the files available!

3. I'm here as part of a larger goal to become a great designer. Yesterday was the start of my self-study of game theory. I downloaded "The Compleat Stategyst" (sic) and am plodding through.
I am active on BoardGameGeek, and any other place where I can interact with players, designers, and publishers.

4. I play a LOT of board games. If you find me on BGG, check out my "plays"! (No link for the lazy :D )

See you in the intertubes!


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Hi Chaz!

Nice intro!

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