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Midnight Zombie Sabotage

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the Survivalist
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Hey everyone, I'm new here in the world of game design:) I am very encouraged to see such a strong and constructive group of game enthusiasts. I have entered your realm as I am currently kickstarting my game and I am looking for constructive feedback and supporters. I still have 47 days to go and would love to get some intelligent eyes on my project. Please check out my website which includes the concept art and a link to my kickstarter where all of the details are and please let me know what you think. My game makes perfect sense to me but I really want to know if my vision is interpretable to others based on what I have posted.
FYI I am a middle school teacher and my game was inspired by Bezier’s most excellent One Night Ultimate series. I designed and test played my Zombie expansion/stand alone with my family, friends and students who encouraged me to share it with Bezier, who respectfully declined before I could give them any details. Despite my discouragement, my playtesters advised me to go for it on my own so I am reaching out to others who might enjoy my creation.

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This isn't what you're going

This isn't what you're going to want to hear, but you need to cancel the project, go here: and learn everything you can about running a successful Kickstarter.

The odds of your game getting funded are almost zero based on your project page.

There's a science to Kickstarter, and if you don't know the variables and equations, you have very little chance of success.

Also, welcome to the forum.

There are a ton of people here on the forum who have run successful kickstarters who would be glad to help you. But I'm pretty sure all of them are going to say that your best bet is to cancel and start over.

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