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My first real effort

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I am excited to become a part of this community. Just a little info about myself, I'm a mid 20's newly wed who, like many of you, love games in all their forms. My original intention with college was to go into video game development. I ended up in Economics and now I'm an MPA student but I still love game design in all its forms.

I've been working on a particular game off and on for about 4 years now. Unlike my previous efforts, I am much more serious about this attempt. Let me tell you a brief story to summarize the event that made me want to create this game and hopefully it will show you a little how I think:

It all started with a simple game of RISK. I was playing the LOTR version with a group of friends and it was coming to a close. To make a long (and quite possibly epic) story short, I came back from having only one unit in one territory to owning about 75% of the board with a single opponent boxed in. This was due more to my opponents' inept rather than my skill but still, it happened. What followed my final expansionary turn where I conquered a large continent was quite literally the worst rolling possible in the history of RISK. My opponent placed a good number of units gained from trading in cards, and proceeded to win every. single. roll.

I am not exaggerating one bit. Anyways, I had decided RISK was broken and I needed to fix it.

Thus began my yet un-named game that was intended to fix the problems I had with RISK by incorporating three things:
1. Qualitative differences in opposing armies.
2. Strategic maneuvering outside of battle.
3. Greater variety for replay-ability.

The main things I want to preserve are simplicity and a degree of randomness (to allow for the underdog luck that paradoxically started this endeavor).

I've come through several iterations since my first attempts (which were far too complicated) to something I'm much more confident in. Rather than rehash the entire game in this post (don't worry, it will come eventually), I'd like to ask a question relevant to a problem that may need fixing: If I'm already using custom dice, how much will it affect my game to use 8-sided dice instead of 6-sided dice?

My concerns are twofold: will it increase production costs and will 8-sided dice scare off non-hobby gamers?

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Not sure if 8 sided dice will scare off non hobby gamers or not, since it seems some non D6's are showing up in games more and more. I believe many of the "Scene It" games use D8's, Cranium uses a color coded D10. So these shapes are becoming more familiar.

W/ Risk we have been house ruling it w/ D8's for a long time. I'm currently in the middle of 2 Risk Legacy series and both are playing that if you can trade 3 units to upgrade to the "bigger" unit, and then you can roll 1 D8 for that unit, however he only counts as 1 unit for casualties, so you don't want to load up on them. However if roll a D8 and lose we do let you get rid of the smaller units first. Both groups really like the variant, hopefully yours will be just as fun or more so.

And welcome, I'm new here myself.

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I would imagine that D8's (as

I would imagine that D8's (as any true gamer calls them) cost more to manufacture because of their more irregular shape, but how much (if any) of this cost is passed on to a consumer is something that I'm not sure of, especially when it probably varies by manufacturer.

As for scaring people away - a D8 is a strange concept for people to wrap their heads around, but I think that if someone is willing to play a game as involved as RISK or any derivative thereof, a D8 is the least of their worries. I would try to stick to a D6, or a D10 (which strikes me as odd that you didn't use a D10, as it's more suited for working with accurate percentages), but a D8 should be fine, if not a bit strange for *any* gamer. Even D&D makes only limited use of the D8, putting it just ahead of the D4.

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Currently, I'm suing D6's to

Currently, I'm using D6's to represent 3-tiered attacks. Effectively tier 1 has a 1/3 chance of scoring a 'hit' (2/6); Tier two has a 1/2 chance (3/6), and tier 3 has a 2/3 chance (4/6).

The problem is that the increase from 0 to 1/3 is larger than the other 2 steps, which add roughly 17% instead of the 33% by using an additional tier 1 die. If I were to use a d8 then it could be 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4, which are even steps.

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You can look up the costs,

You can look up the costs, but the shape itself wont contribute to the cost, at least not the last time I checked, and admittidly that was a long time ago.
And since multiple games exist with multiple dice types, I dont see why anyone would be scared off.

And HEY, Risk is not broken! I always win, even win my friends cheat! hahaha

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