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New Arrival

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Joined: 07/30/2016

Hey everyone,

I recently just found bgdf and I'm looking forward to browsing through the information here.

I've been designing, modifying, and building games for about 20 years in a strictly amateur capacity - for the use of myself and friends. I've only just decided to work towards publishing one of my ideas for public consumption.

I'm at the point of limited release playtesting - but I'll avoid advertising simply because I'm here to learn :). Though if you want a link - send me a private message.

All the best,


Joined: 12/25/2012
Welcome Garret! I hope you

Welcome Garret!

I hope you find BGDF a pleasant and insightful community.

Do you have a favorite board game?

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Welcome and ...

Feel free to tell us more about your game (theme, mechanics, development stage, obstacles, etc.)

What does "limited release playtesting" mean to you? Are you playing it with close friends or family??

Do you have a "website" to promote your game or a FaceBook (FB) Fan Page???

Or maybe a "Design Blog" on which you post updates about your progress towards publication...?

Anyhow IF you don't have any of these, I'd recommend choosing one to start getting out the word about your game NOW! Finding people who are interested in your game is a difficult process. These types of resources can help you in finding people who may be interested in your game.

Best of luck to you and your game!

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Joined: 07/30/2016
Thanks! My favourite board

Thanks! My favourite board game is probably Settlers of Catan - in terms of sheer time commitment I've put into it.

I do have a website ( and it does include social media connections, blog, etc. Limited Release means I've gone through several rounds of private playtesting, and now I've opened it up to people who are interested - limited simply means that I keep track of everyone who asks to join, and it isn't available for anonymous download/testing.

The game is based on a concept I got from Legendary (I think that was the origin...) where the boss "flips" when certain conditions are met and it changes the effect they have on the players.

You have a set of minions (robots, pirates, and ninjas), that when they attack an enemy - they trigger an enemy minion to 'flip'. This flip causing an effect on the players in the game (usually some kind of damage), and changes the effect of the targeted card on its next flip. This can also cause a chain of flips to occur, meaning an attacker can lose control of the situation causing a cascade of effects.

Players also have the ability to play Actions, which can change the state of the board - allowing a player to set up a favorable layout and reduce the potential for an attack to turn on them.

Right now my biggest challenge is communication - educating a new player on how to play. The types of decisions that can be made are relatively limited - but like chess - the variety available at any given moment can lead a player to over-analyze. That being said - I rarely win my own game because I'm not patient enough to think that far ahead! ;).

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