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New here with a game idea!

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Noblesm19 wrote:1. The card

Noblesm19 wrote:

1. The card count came up a few times but I don't see/understand why having 363 could be a bad idea (other than production cost, which I don't even know how much it would be).

Well, to approach it differently, the game you're describing is much more focused on the ability of the players to describe their dish out loud. It's a creative game, not a card game per se (q.v. Dixit). Given that, why do you need so many cards? Are there really 121 distinct adjectives that you need to start with in your verbal descriptions? Or would 54 get you to the same basic space of descriptions?

2. If I were to include feedback or go forward with what I have, what would be the next steps after art on the card?

I'd suggest researching the manufacturing side of things. Start with PrintNinja. You can get lower prices, but they probably win on simplicity of interface, ease of getting a basic card game quote, and educational resources on their site.

The Game Crafter is very active here, but I'm not sure that's a great choice for a game with a ton of cards and not much else. They can contradict me if they like :)

Personally I searched alibaba for the pieces I wanted to make, found companies that make them, and then emailed them asking about getting a quote. And also PrintNinja :). After a few contacts, I had a pretty good idea of how to talk about the components I need, and what cost more than what.

Also figure out how heavy your thing is. 7 decks of cards (without box or packing) weighs about a pound and a half..

Make yourself a Facebook page and start populating it. Right now.

Then google "Jamey Stegmaier Kickstarter" and read about 200 articles, assuming you'd be thinking about taking this to Kickstarter.

Then play your game a few more times.

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Just a quick calculation

I'm not saying it's your "least expensive option"... But if we go with The Game Crafter's $0.09 a Poker Card, 363 = $32.67 just for the cards. Add a box for said cards = +$10.00 (Large retail box) and your COST for making the game is $42.67... That's rather expensive.

But you can have it made in China... which will significantly reduce the price of said manufacturing. But then it's whole bag of challenges and difficulties that have to do with "Publishing" and NOT "Game Design".

Anything over the 250 cards make for higher box prices too...

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Dixit-style of play

Jay103 wrote:
...Well, to approach it differently, the game you're describing is much more focused on the ability of the players to describe their dish out loud. It's a creative game, not a card game per se (q.v. Dixit)...

Speaking of Dixit, that gave me an idea concerning the cards and judging criteria and all that good stuff...

So basically what I recommend is this:

1. The judge choose five (5) cards: four (4) "preparation" cards (Adjectives & Ingrediants) and one (1) "dish" card. Based on HIS cards, he secretly chooses two (2) "preparation" cards for his dish.

2. The judge announces the "course" of the meal.

3. Each player draws eight (8) cards five (5) "preparation" and three (3) "dish" cards... but keeps all of their cards secret.

4. Next the judge reveals his meal without divulging the cards he used. This means he cannot use the "Adjectives" or "Ingrediants" used in his dish. He must "paraphrase" his "dish"...

5. Players now concurrently must plan out the "best" dish based on the description.

6. Once all player's are done, the cards are placed into five (5) piles in the middle of play (randomly).

7. The judge then reviews each of the "dishes" prepared, one-by-one...

8. The judge reveals his "dish" and "preparation". And declares which player has the winning "dish" in comparison to his OWN "dish".

What DOES this ENCOURAGE??? MULTIPLES of the SAME IDENTICAL CARD. Also it favors a "smaller" card count, such that players can CORRECTLY GUESS a "Adjective" or an "Ingredient" and even the same "dish". The accuracy of guessing may be a bit subjective... But at least HERE are some rules that your game may follow...

Keep what you like, forget whatever you dislike!

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Dixit-style of play (more)

This could mean:

  • 60 "preparation" cards: 3 multiples x 20 unique cards.

  • 40 "dish" cards: 2 multiples x 20 unique "dish" cards.

Could be 100 cards and you have a "more adapted" game with less cards and more odds of "collision" with the Judges own "dish" selection.

It would only take 40 cards and that might mean about $3,000 Art budget which is about what "James Mathe" recommends for your average game...

Again just providing some additional details and some more information that may or may not be useful to the design of your game.

Tim Edwards
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I like that direction,

I like that direction, Questccg. It keeps the elements of interpretation and creativity which the theme seems to demand. A Dixit-style winning system seems a pretty solid solution and I'm sure a more satisfying one than the despotic Master Chefs I had suggested. :)

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Jason had the idea first

@Tim: Jason mentioned Dix-it and that immediately made me wonder if something akin to this could be implement. Ya, the card counts can vary and everything... But you made a very good point in one of your posts:

Where you said that a Scoring System takes away some of the "FUN" in this type of "Party Game"... You want people to go "over-the-top" and it's more of a game of "Social Deduction" that a pure card game...

So that and Jason's comment triggered the idea that maybe are more "Dix-it"-style of play could be better for this particular game.


Update: I wanted also to do a step-by-step example of a way of play, rather than just saying "look at Dix-it". Dix-it has a voting system, which I felt wouldn't have that "judging" you said that was important to the theme of the game... (and probably the flow of the game itself too!)

So I didn't want to give the "wrong impression"... Peer-voting is one of the mechanics of Dix-it that I did not want to include. Only the comparison based on a "verbalized description; paraphrased obviously" like in how the player describes HIS own card for the selection process. That's what I felt was more appropriate for the OP.

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